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AOI Webinar: Communicating With Skill & Confidence

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Effective communication is at the heart of all successful businesses, big or small. It is essential in securing new clients, and maintaining strong relationships, which is vital for repeat work. Communicating well helps you to negotiate effectively and present your work to its best advantage. It is as useful during a phone call with a commissioner as it is in a workshop with primary children. While anyone can learn through practice to master these skills, they are actually surprisingly rare.

This webinar with consultant and trainer Sarah Cartwright will offer practical tips and techniques that will immediately enable the participants to communicate with skill and confidence.

Content includes:

– Our assumptions/self-limiting beliefs and how they hold us back from expressing our needs and boundaries

– How to say no and maintain self-worth

– How to ask for what you want with confidence

– Developing a helpful mindset about receiving feedback

– How to have conversations about money without awkwardness


Wednesday 13 May 2020 1pm – 2pm GMT

Price: £15 non members / £10 members