Sounds of The City 2017

Entrants were invited to visually capture sound heard in our UK cities in a single illustration. Inspiration can come from natural or man-made sounds.

Where does your ear meet your eye? You may be inspired by song lyrics about a city. You might illustrate sound in a recognisable UK city, or your visualisation might be a soundscape heard in any UK city. You might just illustrate the people, activities or things that produce the sounds – imaginary or real, past or present, your imagination is the limit.

The roar of traffic. Shrieks of children playing. Honking of car horns. Rattle and hum of music on a radio. Barking of an urban fox. Banging of a door. Rustle of trees in a green city space. Drilling of road works. Ticking of a clock. Song inspired by a city. Calls of a market trader. Thump of drums at a concert. Shouts of people on the streets. Blaring of a police siren. Murmurs of people talking in a meeting. Screech of brakes on a bus. Ringing of bells.

The 100 shortlisted entries were exhibited at London Transport Museum from May to September 2017.

2017 Shortlist

2017 Sounds of the City Winners

First Prize: Chiara Ghigliazza

£2000 and displayed on London Underground

Second Prize: Julia Allum

Awarded £1000

Third Prize: Paul Garland

Awarded £750