The People Awards – review + interview

Illustrated by Ana Albero, this book celebrates equality with a set of ‘Awards’. Peter Allen speaks to Ana about the project – “I learnt that I have the endurance to complete much more extensive projects than I thought”.

Talks on the EU Copyright Directive have completed with a compromise text and the European institutions now have to adopt the proposal. For the European Parliament, this is currently scheduled as a session on 27 March.

Varoom 38: War In The Neighborhood

The dramatic stories behind the housing activists of 80s New York revealed in Seth Tobocman’s powerful graphic novel. Varoom talks to Seth about the ideas behind the project.

Illustrator of the Month – March

In the run up to Bologna we find ourselves delighted by one application by Italian Illustrator Valeria Weerasinghe. Her website bustling with character driven personal projects, we found her the perfect candidate for our Italian take on Illustrator of the Month!

Your Mind Is Like The Sky – review

How can mindfulness be presented to a child? And what is the solution to visualising mental health? Subtitled A First Book of Mindfulness, this book explains the idea to children with soft, subtle images from Laura Carlin.

Bologna Children’s Book Fair: Agents Insight

Attending the Bologna Childrens Book Fair is exciting and sometimes slightly overwhelming, but with the right advice and planning you can make the most of it. Many Agents, both for artwork and literary/artwork attend Bologna, and we asked Penny from Holroyde Cartey and Steph from The Artworks for their top tips for the Childrens Book Fair.

In Blossom – review

Cat and Dog meet on a bench. The story and ambiguous end of the narrative suggests a book best enjoyed as part of a discussion of the subjects of friendship, thoughtfulness and relationships.

Varoom 38: Contested Space

As they transform urban sites, developers are employing strategies to engage with their existing surroundings. Increasingly, working with artists is one of them. We get two differing opinions on this strategy.

Mental Health and Illustrators

PIP – the AOI meet up in Bristol – held a discussion around how illustrators manage when it comes to their mental health – and possible solutions.

The Bookseller Illustrator Showcase for Bologna 2019

The Bookseller Illustrators’ Showcase is happening once again at this year’s Bologna Children’s Book Fair, devoted to displaying the artwork of new, unrepresented illustrators in their daily Fair magazine.

Varoom 38: Virtual Vandal

In Varoom Activism issue Seb Chaloner reveals his  project challenging ‘members only’ clubs – and chucks a brick through the window!

The Ink House – review

If you are an inker, a lover of traditional brush and pen methods or have aspirations to dabble in this medium then you will enjoy this book. The story doesn’t make a great deal of sense, but it doesn’t really need to, as it is whimsical, imaginative and fictional.

Selling Prints, a handy tip by Sue Gent

Sue Gent is one of our many lovely members, inspiring us regularly with her intricate and mythological work. In this brief but punchy article she shares how she got into Illustration, and how she bulks up her income through the selling of prints.

Varoom 38: Detaining undocumented migrants

Tings Chak was 2018’s artist in residence at Birkbeck’s School of Law, and in this extract from Varoom 38 Luise Vormittag went to hear her speak about her graphic novel..

The Ear – review

With excellent illustrations and a story that foregrounds listening and empathy, The Ear depicts a journey to discovering self-worth for an appendage detached from her head.

Emmett and Caleb – review

For this story of two friends, Renon’s illustrations are produced in a very subtle style and colour scheme, and set a calm and steady tone which carry the words of the story brilliantly.

Shhh! – review

Barroux has created a lovely slow-down bedtime book, with a little boy’s animal toys leading the way to dreamland.

Illustrator of the Month – January

Here at the AOI we pride ourselves in having members from all over the world, who stun us on a daily basis with their incredible portfolios and work ethics. For..

Payback open for claims

Illustrators! Claim now for your share of £££s in royalties available for illustrators who have had their work published in UK books, magazines or shown on TV. It’s well worth it!

World Illustration Awards 2019 jury announced

The Association of Illustrators (AOI), in partnership with USA-based Directory of Illustration (DI), is delighted to announce the WIA2019 judging panel in full, including respected names from the industry including..