Working Spaces: Lucy Sherston & Owen Davey

Illustrators work in all sorts of spaces! Our first ‘Working Spaces’ article features two Illustrators working from home and a studio respectively, reflecting on the pros and cons on each.

Ravilious Wood Engravings – review

Author, James Russell provides us with a fascinating overview of Ravilious’ life; his education, teaching career, work as a war artist and his experience as a commercial artist.

The Inner Child – review

The Inner Child is a short but sweet book all about that little person inside all of us that feels, hurts and plays as hard as ever: our inner child.

Shaun Tan on The Bird King, An Artist’s Sketchbook – interview

One of the world’s most popular illustrators, Shaun Tan – known for a series of fascinating picture books – has just published The Bird King, An Artist’s Sketchbook. A book containing ‘much fun, wit and wisdom’, according to our reviewer, Karl Foster, who spoke to Shaun about sketchbook vs tablet, the influence of his Australian location and how he pursues the use of scale in his artwork.

Varoom 39: Gucci’s Daydream Nation

Rome-based illustrator Ignasi Monreal’s digital paintings mix art historical and pop culture references to sublime effect. In Varoom 39 Zoë Taylor explores his work for Gucci’s Utopian Fantasy campaign and asks whether fashion illustration can break from its past?

LOOK UP! Dapo Adeola – Insights into Children’s Publishing

Dapo Adeola is making waves in the community as a champion of the importance of equal representation in the publishing industry and wider arts. As an illustrator with two years in the industry – Dapo is outspoken in the call for more movement to support and include all illustrators and authors, particularly British BAME creators.


  This December we are delighted to feature Yorkshire based AOI member Helena Covell as our illustrator of the Month. The AOI team enjoyed an open and animated discussion with..

Little Guides to Great Lives: Stephen Hawking – review

This title joins a series of books, Little Guides to Great Lives. Part of the illustrious line up is Stephen Hawking, whose story is sensitively and energetically told by author Isabel Thomas and illustrator Marianna Madriz.