Hiya! I’m Nomi and I’ve been making animated videos, games, and whatnots, and I’m currently trying to break into editorial illustration. I want talk about art/career stuff with the people..

Karin Eremia

Hello, looking to connect and exchange/ share knowledge with illustrators who are active in editorial work, site specific, or publishing. I freelance from Athens, Greece and am mostly working in..

Josie Peters

Looking to connect, I want to get into editorial, and learn about managing your business when freelance. My day job is in marketing and I can offer advice on social..

Kyle Canyon

Hi everyone! I’m an illustrator and comic artist new to the AOI community. I’m looking to make new friends and get advice on how to become an editorial illustrator. I can..

Jonny Moss

New to the AOI, I’m looking for advice on how to break into editorial illustration.  My style is eclectic so it jumps all over the world.  Is this a problem?

Hana Tintor

I know most of us work from home ATM and I miss talking to people from the the same profession – about creative blocks, process, techniques, programs and the pressure..

Mei Mei

Hi, I am a self-taught fashion illustrator, based in Cambridge.

Ray Saldana

Looking to build art skills and business knowledge while sharing what I know!

Jr Ibáñez

Hi! I’m a Spanish digital illustrator. I really enjoy exploring femininity and masculinity through a more esoterical and mystical lens. I’m currently working on expanding my client list in the..