Hi all! I’m Simona, a freelance illustrator based in London. I’m happy to give you advice on Kickstarter campaigns, drawing, and editorial illustrations. I’d like to get help with the..

Rosie Dore

Hi, I’ve been really struggling for a while now to get started in making a career as an illustrator; I’ve had a few commissions but no matter how many emails..

Karin Eremia

Hello, looking to connect and exchange/ share knowledge with illustrators who are active in editorial work, site specific, or publishing. I freelance from Athens, Greece and am mostly working in..

Josie Peters

Looking to connect, I want to get into editorial, and learn about managing your business when freelance. My day job is in marketing and I can offer advice on social..

Elisa Grasso

I am new to the world of illustration and as I am self-taught I often get stuck when working on a piece. I’m looking for other illustrators who would like..

Joey Wall

Hi, looking for informer tips on how to get agency representation. Let me know if there is anything I can help you with.

Jonny Moss

New to the AOI, I’m looking for advice on how to break into editorial illustration.  My style is eclectic so it jumps all over the world.  Is this a problem?

Mei Mei

Hi, I am a self-taught fashion illustrator, based in Cambridge.

eb lauren

hi! i’m eb, i’m trying this year to make a living out of my illustration, freshly graduated i’m looking for like minded creatives to expand on my practice in a..

Laura Jones

Hi! looking to connect with other illustrators to share thoughts and ideas. Working from home can be a lonely business, so I’m here to offer support to anyone that needs..