Sara Rafat

I’m a recent illustration graduate based in London. Looking to work in Editorial. I’d love to connect and exchange experiences with other illustrators based locally or around the world 🙂

Cat Sims

Hey! I’ve been working as a freelance illustrator for many years, and am looking to get into teaching either adults or kids. I’m wondering about different pathways into this. Ideas..


Hi all! I’m Simona, a freelance illustrator based in London. I’m happy to give you advice on Kickstarter campaigns, drawing, and editorial illustrations. I’d like to get help with the..

Elisa Grasso

I am new to the world of illustration and as I am self-taught I often get stuck when working on a piece. I’m looking for other illustrators who would like..

eb lauren

hi! i’m eb, i’m trying this year to make a living out of my illustration, freshly graduated i’m looking for like minded creatives to expand on my practice in a..

james lythe

Hi, I’m a caricature and portrait artist, working in digital and watercolour, Instagram @jameslytheart

james lythe

Hi, I’m a caricature and portrait artist, working in digital and watercolour

Willa Gebbie

I’d like to animate my illustrations with a watercolour reveal style animation. I’m looking for help in developing this very specific skillset. Can you set me off in the right..


I produce 3D animations and both 2D and 3D artwork. Currently searching for an internship in an illustration studio from September 2021 (flexible).  Also keen to collaborate on a video game,..

Alexandra Ramirez

Hey hey ! My name is Alex and I am a London based artist, illustrator, designer and animator. Looking to connect online more people in the industry and exchange useful..