Folio Illustration Agency

Owen Davey – Cincinnati Magazine, Front Cover How do you feel the agent and artist relationship works best? Through collaboration! Of course collaboration is key, because you’re relying on many..

Jelly London

  Joe Waldron – ‘BMW Ryder Cup’ With so many different illustration agencies about, how is Jelly London a unique as an agency? Jelly was conceived out of Three Blind Mice. Our sister..

Lipstick Of London

  Dale Wylie From having worked for ten years as the Senior Agent at one of London’s most leading illustration agencies, you’ve taken the step into the creation of your..

The Jacky Winter Group

Jeremy Wortsman – Agent at The Jacky Winter Group Illustration by Andrew Archer  What, for you and The Jacky Winter Group, do you look for in an illustrator before they become represented..

Nb Illustration

Charlotte Dowson – Agent What, for you and NB Illustration Ltd, do you look for in an illustrator before they become represented by you? Most importantly we look for a style that..

The Artworks

Stephanie Alexander-Jinks – Director / Agent Illustration by Debbie Powell As a small group, representing your illustrators of The Artworks, you focus on working with graduates to develop their potential. How..


Tamilyn Francis – Agent How do you source your illustrators at Arena Illustration? We’re a very small agency so we don’t take on many illustrators. We recruit new illustrators in..

Handsome Frank

Jon Cockley, Illustrators Agent How do you source your illustrators? They tend to come from all over. Most illustrators find us (we get around 3-5 submissions a day), but we’ve..

Bright Group

Vicki Willden-Lebrecht – Director and Founder of the Bright Group. Vicki Willden-Lebrecht, Director and Founder You have worked as Director and Founder of the Bright Group, covering global childrens illustration..

Bernstein And Andrulli

Sam Summerskill – Illustration, Motion & Experiential Agent for Bernstein and Andruilli. Rizon How do you source your illustrators? I have an extensive bookmark list of illustrators/artists/creatives/image makers who I check..