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Freedom Exhibition

KATHI BURKE Freedom Exhibition

Portrait of Jess

KATHI BURKE Portrait of Jess

The Witches editorial

KATHI BURKE The Witches editorial

Ogham Carver

KATHI BURKE Ogham Carver

1916 Colouring Page

KATHI BURKE 1916 Colouring Page

Irelandopedia Page: Dublin Map

KATHI BURKE Irelandopedia Page: Dublin Map

Energia: Digital Advertising

KATHI BURKE Energia: Digital Advertising

Food Map of Italy

KATHI BURKE Food Map of Italy

Character Designs

KATHI BURKE Character Designs

Irelandopedia Page: What We Eat

KATHI BURKE Irelandopedia Page: What We Eat

Historopedia Page detail

KATHI BURKE Historopedia Page detail

Little Dinners Packaging

KATHI BURKE Little Dinners Packaging

Irelandopedia Page: Foclóir

KATHI BURKE Irelandopedia Page: Foclóir

London Transport Map

KATHI BURKE London Transport Map

McDonald's: Eurosaver illustrations

KATHI BURKE McDonald's: Eurosaver illustrations

Guts Magazine: Issue 4 illustration

KATHI BURKE Guts Magazine: Issue 4 illustration

City of Physics Poster

KATHI BURKE City of Physics Poster

Cara Magazine: Maps

KATHI BURKE Cara Magazine: Maps