Greenwich Foot Tunnel and Curry Shark

JOSS LóPEZ Greenwich Foot Tunnel and Curry Shark

London Bridge

JOSS LóPEZ London Bridge

Roterdeen Millwind, Brighton.

JOSS LóPEZ Roterdeen Millwind, Brighton.

Red Tulip.

JOSS LóPEZ Red Tulip.

The Snowdrop

JOSS LóPEZ The Snowdrop

Violet daisy

JOSS LóPEZ Violet daisy

Cactaceae family.

JOSS LóPEZ Cactaceae family.

Fishing in Albacete, Spain.

JOSS LóPEZ Fishing in Albacete, Spain.

Ammsterdam tower.

JOSS LóPEZ Ammsterdam tower.

Porto stairs, Portugal.

JOSS LóPEZ Porto stairs, Portugal.

Chinchilla Station, Albacete.

JOSS LóPEZ Chinchilla Station, Albacete.

Hellín Square, Albacete.

JOSS LóPEZ Hellín Square, Albacete.

Kansas City, States.

JOSS LóPEZ Kansas City, States.

La Feria St. Albacete

JOSS LóPEZ La Feria St. Albacete

The Coast.

JOSS LóPEZ The Coast.

The Akizamobile.

JOSS LóPEZ The Akizamobile.

Constitution plaza, Albacete (Spain).

JOSS LóPEZ Constitution plaza, Albacete (Spain).

Diggy dinghy

JOSS LóPEZ Diggy dinghy

Eel Pie Island, Twickenham (London).

JOSS LóPEZ Eel Pie Island, Twickenham (London).

Beddgelert, Wales.

JOSS LóPEZ Beddgelert, Wales.