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Mariia Bykova City Hall

Jenny Elliott Vector illustration of Edinburgh for the Edinburgh Futures Institute's 'Smart Places' series

Simon Roulstone St Mary's

Dai Owen Terrace Backs

Rod Hunt Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises: New York Map

Carolina Jimenez The Church of #1

Helen McGlynn Colosseum, Rome Illustration

Brian Gallagher River Godess

Lis Watkins Mont Saint Michel, France

Harriet Quilty TodmordenTown1

Leyao Xia City in Water

Sophie Mildner Midnight Concert

Ric Liptrot The_Blue_Bell

Lukas Novotny 'Peep show' card – design & illustration

Lukas Novotny Modern London – published in 2018

Laura Hughes The Circus, Bath.

Thomas Radclyffe The Chrysler Building

Rupert Van Wyk Big Ben London

Josephine Hall Upstream from Tower 42

Nils-Petter Ekwall IT-infrastructure infographic illustration for Lund Municipality. The Illustration is divided into three levels; Operations and services, Soft Infrastructure and Hard Infrastructure and was designed to work as stand-alone modules for presentations.

Ethan Smyth Cineworld - Belfast Alien Invasion

Philippe Nicolas City illustration for Volotea Airline

Natalie Singh Liberty of London

Laura Barnard Populous Magazine Paris Map

Harriet Quilty Tod Info Centre

Lis Watkins Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

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