Phosphor Art

Today, all over the world, illustration is playing a bigger role than ever in everyone’s lives. That’s exciting. Because we’re confident just about any idea can be brought to life..

Artist Partners

This is just a selection of the magnificent talents that Artist Partners has had the pleasure of representing over the past 69 years. The Artist Partners ethos has always been..

Folio Illustration Agency

Folio was established in London in 1976. We work with a diverse range of illustrators and animators, from rising stars to industry icons.

Oskar Illustration

Oskar illustration is a UK based illustration agency where artistic brilliance, craft & production expertise collide in creative harmony.

Roar Illustration Agency

Roar Illustration Agency is a unique boutique art & illustration agency based in London, UK, representing a carefully curated selection of the most talented artists, both established and emerging, within..