Nick Cann

Hi, I’m Nick, a new media illustrator based in Cardiff, UK. With a style derived from my background in animation, my illustrations are carefully developed to engage the viewer through..

Stefano Marra

Stefano Marra is an Italian illustrator and art-director. His work is to make a message or an idea visible. He does it for brands, creative agencies and magazines. Clients: Nike,..

Nacho Casanova

I am an illustrator, focused on two main subjects: erotic and poetic arts. My illustrations are minimalistic and a bit cryptic. Lately I started working on some fashion arts.

Beatrix Hatcher

Hello! I am a Freelance Illustrator living and working in Kingston upon Thames. I use digital media to create characterful illustrations for briefs across publishing, editorial, branding, animation and visualisation…

Niege Borges

Niege Borges is a braziilian illustrator and graphic designer based in Brookly, New York. Her work is colorful, vibrant and playful. She likes to portray women, gender fluid people and..

Marianna Orsho

Marianna Orsho is a London based Designer and Visual Artist specialising in branding, typography, and illustration. Created work for: The Spice Girls, Adobe, Disneyland Paris, MTV, Indeed, Affinity Designer, Dreamland,..


Yann Sadi, blindSALIDA, is a former Art Director who turned Illustrator. He likes, he loves illustrations, so much that he decides to explore many ways, between explosive illustrations, infographics, flat..

Peter Csuth

Péter Csuth founder of Robinson Cursor Design was born in Debrecen and currently lives and works as a freelance illustrator in Budapest. He graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine..

Nick Holmes

I’m a multidisciplinary illustrator and designer whose work has appeared in comic books, music promos, big budget movies, television shows, greeting cards,  advertising campaigns and much, much more. With over..

Charis Tsevis

Charis Tsevis was born in Athens in 1967. He studied visual design in Athens and Milan and currently lives in Paphos. He has been working for decades in the field..

Hand Drawn Creative

Hand Drawn Creative is home to the Illustrator, Graphic Designer and battle scarred veteran of the Creative Industries, Neal McCullough. Established in 2009, this small creative enterprise hit the ground..

Annie Wright

I’m an illustrator based in Bristol and a recent graduate of the University of the West of England. I create bold and graphic illustrations, employing the use of bright colours..

Panna Parmar

Hello, thanks for visiting my Folio. I’m a digital illustrator who likes to play with bold colours, simple shapes and negative space. I’ve created work for short stories, digital marketing..


Originally from Poland, my yearning for adventure and the unknown took me to live and work in Spain, Japan, SE Asia (mostly Vietam), France, the US and now Scotland. It..

Jacques Kleynhans

I am an illustrator and graphic designer born in the Eastern Free State of South Africa. After completing my degree in Visual Communication I went on to become a graphic..