Jr Ibanez

Illustrator and graphic designer. I have developed a way of perceiving the world through an ethereal, whimsical and mythical lens. Drawing inspiration from mythology, the esoteric, art nouveau and the..

Vitoria Bastos

London based Brazilian illustrator with print and printmaking background trying really hard to make it look like I didn’t have to try at all.

Karin Eremia

I am an illustrator and printmaker based in Athens. With an eye for detail, and love for process-led image-making, I use these points to explore topics that are important to..

Hayley Wells

Hayley Wells is a UK-based illustrator who loves growing vegetables and roller skating. They have an MA in Children’s Book Illustration from Cambridge School of Art. The Spectacular Suit, their first..

Chauncé Christine

My work is largely focused around using the human figure to convey emotions, ideas and unlock our imaginations!   I use a lot of odd movements to create energy in..

Jenni Douglas

Jenni Douglas is a printmaker and freelance designer, originally from Edinburgh’s Old town and now based in rural Midlothian. Drawing upon her love of printmaking, midcentury design and the natural..

Richard Schofield

Via experimentation with varied media and a cross-disciplinary, approach my work explores visual dynamics and often shifting interpretations.  I like to keep the work fresh, lively and hopefully inspiring for..