Steve Hambidge

At 21 my first cover was published. My second was damaged as they shot it so a hastily assembled laser-print from the sole surviving transparency was handed in. The learning..

Elizabeth Wakou

Elizabeth Wakou is an illustrator and classically trained artist. With a bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts and English Literature from Columbia University, Elizabeth has extensively studied traditional painting techniques which..

Bedlam Bones

Hello.  I am an award winning artist from Arizona and I like to draw wonky, distressed, retro, and vintage inspired stuff–mostly monsters and skeletons. Follow me on Instagram @bedlam.bones AWARDS..

[email protected]

Illustration is capturing a snapshot, a point where everything comes together and where new events arise. It is a theater made up of different stages, filled with people and animals,..

Dali Wu

Dali Wu is a visual artist exploring the interdisciplinary possibilities of arts. Apart from around 35 international awards that she has received, she presented her art work in various exhibitions,..


Hi, I’m Korean Illustrator based in London, United Kingdom ​