Jenna Catton Illustrations

Based in Sutton Coldfield, Jenna Catton has a BA with Honours from Coventry University in Illustration, and began to work as a freelance  Illustrator in 2008, specialising in Narrative Illustration…

Maylene Chou

London-based illustrator with Chinese heritage

Amélie Videlo

I’m a UK based illustrator of children’s books, toys and decorations. I grew up in France and Mauritius which has led to my love of bright, colourful sceneries, rich flora,..


Illustrator and designer interested in music, nature, food, fashion, travel and wellness. I have huge dreams about what I could create and am always imagining how to go bigger and..

Mr Grimsley

Mr Grimsley (AKA Rob Crawford) is a South African artist and illustrator based in Johannesburg. He specialises in portraiture with a bold and punchy style filled with intricate patterns and..