Kanith I’m interested in people’s behavior and experiment with mixing and matching simple objects that create a new visual environment I was born in Bangkok Thailand in a Chinese-Thai family..

Loïc Defontaine

Loïc has been a passionate designer and poster artist for over 20 years, He has created posters for national and international campaigns such as the Heritage Days, the Car Free..

Myriam Gabrielle | The Daily Atelier

I’m Myriam Gabrielle, illustrator and motion designer. I create illustrations, portraits and animated videos. My style is soft and realist. I love drawing, and it really shows in my work wether I..

Leinegrafik – Patricia Schneider

Patricia Schneider is an illustrator with a passion for bringing her clients’ ideas and concepts to life with thoughtful images. Her love for drawing has led her to extensive professional..

Agente Morillas

Agente Morillas, also known as Mamen Morillas among humans, is an illustrator, artist and animator with more than 15 years of professional experience working on different projects that range from editorial,..