Sarah Ushurhe

Hello, I’m Sarah. Artist & Illustrator from London, UK. I add subtle and intricate details to my work with pencil, experimenting with both animated and static forms. If you do..


JSR Agency represents a large roster of the best illustrators from hand-drawn to 3D, character to typography and animation. Based in London UK, we work globally, in the advertising, design,..


BOOM CGI team specialise in CGI illustration and animation, including character design, CGI modelling, texturing, animation and retouching. They have developed a thorough understanding of how to craft an image..


I’m Emile, a kiwi living in Japan. My background is graphic design, and I enjoy animating as well as illustrating. No project is too big or too small.  Let’s work..


Yann Sadi, blindSALIDA, is a former Art Director turned Illustrator based in France. His ambitious digital creations explore the world of infographics, flat design, mathematic diagrams, line works and digital..

Luisa Jung

Luisa Jung was born and raised in Argentina. She graduated in Architecture at the University of Buenos Aires. Through her work she seeks to translate complex topics into striking, colorful..

Mei Mei

I am a self-taught freelance fashion illustrator based in Cambridge.