Neethi is an illustrator, muralist and surface pattern designer from India. Her past clients include Google, Instagram, WeWork, NPR, Whatsapp and Mahindra, amongst others. Bright, fantastical, pattern-infused still life and..

Minho Jung

Hello! I’m Seoul based illustrator Minho specialising in vector images. I make illustrations for magazines, articles, books and newspapers. I’m interested in social issues, human and emotions. If you’re interested..

Huiyan Wang

I’m Huiyan Wang, a Chinese illustrator, and animator currently based in London. I am passionate about creating illustrations and making them live through animation. My inspiration takes from everything happening..

Andy Bourne

Andy Bourne is a freelance illustrator, designer and animator based in the vibrant city of Bristol, UK. Originally from the midlands, he has spent the best part of a decade..

Jess Jenkins

Jess Jenkins is a British freelance illustrator based in France. She graduated from Cardiff School of Art & Design in 2018. Her work centres on telling stories that can inspire..