Jenni Douglas is a printmaker and freelance designer, originally from Edinburgh’s Old town and now based in rural Midlothian. Drawing upon her love of printmaking, midcentury design and the natural..


Hi, I’m Kate! I am a recent illustration graduate from Birmingham City University. A keen illustrator who specialises in digital collage but who also likes to paint. Lover of vintage..

Lea Zalinskis

Lea Zalinskis is an illustrator whose work is made entirely from hand-cut paper, with a focus on animal/nature-based themes and letterwork. She has created label designs for Rhetoric Coffee and..

Dominic Bodden

Dominic Bodden is an illustrator living in New York City. As a visual storyteller, he has explored portraiture, motion graphics, children’s book illustration, and graphic design. Dominic is an honoree..


Editorial illustration for kids and adults.

Ellie Ross-Wilkinson

I am an illustrator who takes inspiration from everyday life, aiming to interest and cheer my audience through bold colour palettes and paper cut details. I have a wide flexibility..

Bernet Ragetli

Bernet Ragetli delivers illustrations using her drawing tablet, lots of pixels and a healthy dose of empathy and imagination. She also enjoys to create something tangible. Her studio is a..