Dana Smith

Boston-based illustrator and photographer Dana Smith is a widely published magazine artist both nationally and overseas. His works have appeared in publications such as The New York Times Magazine, Time,..

Teresa Rego

Teresa Rego studied MA Illustration at UAL, having graduated in 2018. Teresa Rego creates colourful and bold illustrations inspired by nature and urban landscapes. Balancing organic and geometric shapes, made..

Nick Radford

Represented by Folio, Nick’s elegant line-work and use of minimal palettes, bold shapes, texture and collage are inspired by traditional printing techniques and old album covers. Clients include Simon & Schuster,..

Mariaelena Caputi

Mariaelena Caputi studied Fine Arts, Graphic Design and Multimedia in Rome, Milan and Salamanca. Her professional activity moves between Illustration and Design. Through a conceptual and multidisciplinary approach, she creatively..

Stuart Kinlough / Rep’d by Lemonade Illustration Agency

UK based, Stuart Kinlough is represented exclusively around the world by Lemonade Illustration Agency. Stuart is a leading conceptual photomontage illustrator working across all platforms of the Illustration industry.His conceptual..

Fiona McTaggart

A UK-based illustrator and educator focusing on surface pattern design and editorial contexts. Subject matter draws upon familial experiences and well-being. Observational collages are constructed from hand-painted paper, and subsequently..


Putting as much of myself and my experience of the world into my work, and when that fails I draw pigs. P.S. I promise I’m better at illustrating than writing..

Simone Zhang

My name is Simone. I was born in 1991 in Beijing, China. Most recently I have completed a two years’ master’s degree in Communication Design at the Glasgow School of..