Dominic Bodden

Dominic Bodden is an illustrator living in New York City. As a visual storyteller, he has explored portraiture, motion graphics, children’s book illustration, and graphic design. Dominic is an honoree..

Ellie Ross-Wilkinson

I am an illustrator who takes inspiration from everyday life, aiming to interest and cheer my audience through bold colour palettes and paper cut details. I have a wide flexibility..

Bernet Ragetli

Bernet Ragetli delivers illustrations using her drawing tablet, lots of pixels and a healthy dose of empathy and imagination. She also enjoys to create something tangible. Her studio is a..

Ben Lewis Giles

Ben Giles was born in UK in 1992, and currently works as a freelance artist in Norwich. Ben Giles earned a BA in Fine Art at Kingston University. His work..

Matthew Hancock

Matthew Hancock is a designer and illustrator from the UK. His first brush with the visual arts came at a young age, when he began photoshopping hats on to guinea..

Paul Bateman

I am a collage and photomontage illustrator with many years of experience working with clients in Publishing, Design and Advertising. Clients include: TES Global, The Independent, Daily Telegraph, The Times,..

Sonja Morris Illustration

I am an illustrator and I work with textured, hand painted paper collage illustration. I specialize in feminine, lifestyle illustration. I love the combination of analogue and digital processes. I..

Katy Austin

Design for Music and Illustration Katy is a freelance illustrator with a passion for live music, bringing the essential visual aspect of sound to life. Katy has worked with bands,..