Daniela Gallego

Graphic designer from Jorge Tadeo Lozano University of Bogotá, with a postgraduate degree in Illustration from the University Center of Barcelona (Bau). She worked for two years on the Leer..

Anne Hoberg

I am Anne Hoberg, a Danish Illustrator, Art Teacher/Mentor, and Storyteller. I have a great love for Danish hygge, imagination, nature, personal growth, and spreading happiness and sunshine. My illustration..

Alissa Thaler

I’m a freelance illustrator and animator creating vibrant, heartfelt and thought provoking artwork for magazines, non-fiction children’s publishing and explainer animations. Always beaming with colour and textures reminiscent of paint..


I studied fine arts in my teen years, this is when I discovered illustration and fell in love with it. Currently I am at my final year of Master studies..

Lucy Truman

Lucy is an international illustrator. Her specialism lies within portrait, lifestyle and fashion. She has worked for many clients including, Ralph Lauren, LVMH, Vanity Fair and American Girl, to name..

Bridget Bravo

Bridget Bravo is an illustrator based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Using both digital and hand drawn techniques she creates illustrations featuring nature, character and story. She has a First in..