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Rencontres de l’Illustration Festival

March 29 @ 8:00 am - March 31 @ 5:00 pm

The festival Rencontres de l’Illustration will be taking place in Strasbourg for a fourth year, combining its programming with events proposed by the city’s museums, mediathèques, HEAR art school and Shadok.

This year Blutch will be making a much-anticipated appearance and going all out to make up time, drawing in dialogue with Anne-Margot Ramstein, sharing his carte blanche pick of films at the Cinema Star, before participating in a round table at the Salon des Independants. Over thirty Finnish, Spanish, Belgian, Swiss, French, regional and local publishers will be present their printed matter including Kuti Kuti, Atrabile, Helium, Misma, Peanut, Animal Press, Willy Ténia, L’Appât, Machines, Milimbo, Affichemoilkan, Next Revel, Caoutchouc, Atelier Radar, Les Editions du Livre, My Monkey, Ascenseur Emotionnel, Art Majeur, Passe en Profondeur, Cercle Magazine, Hiatus, Nimbostratus, Le Traînailleurs, La Nasa, Papier Gâchette, Gargarismes, Chauchat & Friends, Mökki, Mi-Figue Mi-Raisin, Europark, Les Rhubarbus, CALC, Editions 2024… and the most Dutch of all Spanish guest-stars, Jose Ja Ja Ja.


On the exhibition side, we welcome the following new venues; CEAAC will be showing illustrations and comics by Antoine Maillard back from a residency in California, La Bouquinette showcases Amandine Laprun’s children’s book illustrations, KALT will be throwing an electro party along with work by two upcoming collectives, Art Majeur and Passe En Profondeur. CV9 invites you to sunbath on the East Coast in the light of a premier showing of graphic art from East Europe: watch out for Le Montrealer at the Bruche à la Locomotive in Wisches, Première Pression À Froid’sgraphic creations at My Monkey, Nancy and the unclassifiable Gianpaolo Pagni, invited by Modulab, Metz.


Exhibition of Drawing Dialogue between Blutch and Anne-Margot Ramstein: from 21/03 to 31/03, Shadok

Exhibition by the illustration collective Mi-Figue Mi-Raisin: from 01/03 to 31/03 (except Sun), opening on 27/03 at 20h, Troc’afé

Exhibition of illustrations by Marie Lallemand: from 21/03 to 31/03 (Wed-Sun), Aedaen

Exhibition of illustrations and spreads by Antoine Maillard: from 21/03 to 31/03, CEAAC

Exhibition of posters by Anne Laval: from 21/03 to 31/03, Quai des Bateliers

Exhibition of screen prints by Willy Tenia: from 23/03 to 07/04, meeting with the artist on 30/03 at 17h, LISAA Strasbourg

Exhibition of artwork by Elizabeth Holeville: from 24/03 to 02/04, Quai des Brumes

Exhibition projection and riso-printed review by Art Majeur and Passe En Profondeur,  KALT

Exhibition of children’s book illustrations by Amandine Laprun: from 01/03 to 31/03 (except Sun, Mon), La Bouquinette

Joint exhibition with Léa Djéziri, Gallery Lac

Exhibition of illustrations by Léa Muraweic: from 01/03 to 31/03 (except Sun), opening on 27/03, Avila

Exhibition of children’s cartoons by Lucie Deroin, Pilotage Workshop


Big budget performance and special effects at Battlestar V: 22/03 at 8:30 pm, Star Saint-Exupéry cinema

Carte blanche cinema: evening with Blutch on 24/03, film programming, Cinema Star


Central Vapeur Salon 9: 29/03 to 31/03


Publishers and invited collectives:

Kuti Kuti (FI), Animal Press (B), Atrabile (CH, with Emily Gleason), Willy Tenia (CH), l’Appât (B), Milimbo (E), Misma, Hélium, Affichemoilkan, Cacahuète, Next Revel, Atelier Radar, Caoutchouc, Les Machines, My Monkey, Ascenseur Émotionnel, Passport, Passe en Profondeur, Hiatus, Mökki, Nimbostratus, Tardigrade, La Nasa, Gargarismes, Chauchat & friends, Mi-figue-mi-raisin, Europark, CALC, Les Rhubarbus, Art Majeur, Cercle Magazine, Les Éditions du Livre, Gargarismes, Papier-Gâchette…


 CV9 guest artist: Jose Ja Ja Ja (E)


Cake Contest: entries can be tasted in the cafe. Will the jury have the guts to choose a winner? Illustration prizes

Guess the Weight of the Basket: loads of illustrations and editions to win, results announced on the 31/03 at 18h

Great Balls of Fire: postcard competition for local, final year sixth-form students, a collaboration with Strasbourg Academy’s rectorate

Illustration competition Central Vapeur 9: prize-giving to this year’s winner’s of the bottled beer label competition with Meteor Pils


Story time: readings of children’s picture books, 1 session Saturday + 1 session Sunday, lasting 20-30 minutes


Workshops: CALC


Round tables:

Saturday 15h30 “an update on the mobilisation of artists-authors”: Benjamin Caraco, Nikol, La Charte des illustrateurs, Grégory Jérôme …

Saturday 5 pm: Frédéric Verry, dialogue between Blutch and Anne-Margot Ramstein

Sunday 15h “Agents all risks”: Grégory Jérôme, Costume Trois Pièces and La Superette …

Sunday 4:30 pm “Francette, an example of collective publishing”: Benjamin Caraco, Boris Hurtel, …


East Coast:

Espace My Monkey / Nancy:  exhibition by Première Pression à Froid

Galerie Modulab / Metz: exhibition by Gianpaolo Pagni

Bruche à la Locomotive / Wisches (67): a group show of illustrated front covers about the city of Montreal


March 29 @ 8:00 am
March 31 @ 5:00 pm


Central Vapeur
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