Varoom 41: The Cover

Matthew Richardson created the artwork for the cover of the No Narrative issue of Varoom in four varied colourways. We asked him about his concept and process.

Varoom 41: Hervé Tullet’s Simple Ideas

Hervé Tullet tells Varoom about how his book art is created for interactive play in the No Narrative issue. In this extract he talks about his background and how his work is driven by elementary ideas.

Varoom 41: Making Faces

Illustration has been used for centuries in the criminal justice system as an important tool. In the No Narrative issue of Varoom (issue 41), Katie McCurrach tracks the role of image-making in criminal identification from sketching to EvoFIT.

Varoom 41: Word Activism

In this excerpt from Varoom 41(No Narrative issue), Tristan Manco explains how Tano Veron’s typographic works stand out in today’s visually saturated society

Varoom 41: Flora and Fungi

In this excerpt from Varoom 41 Katie Scott reveals the process behind her botanical project with Kew Gardens.

Varoom 41: Cutting Through

Visualising complicated information is a skill, but also a creative practice. In this excerpt from Varoom 41, Derek Brazell talks to Grundini and Delayed Gratification magazine to see how information graphics can help us understand the world around us.

Varoom 41: Michelle Rial

A chart maker who previously worked as senior designer at BuzzFeed News and as a writer/illustrator for BuzzFeed, Michelle Rial’s new book Am I Overthinking This? is subtitled Over-answering life’s questions in 101 charts. With Varoom 41 themed on No Narrative, we talk to her about how her smart, witty charts are created and how her ‘real life charts’ evolved.

Varoom 40: Wei Shao – One Space

Wei Shao’s focus on urban spaces and their functions is explored through her interest in the rules people make up for their city that regulate, categorise and standardise inhabitants’ lives. In this excerpt from Varoom 40, Luise Vormittag talks to Wei about her ‘zine projects.

Varoom 41 – No Narrative is published

Varoom 41 – the No Narrative issue The practice of storytelling dominates our understanding of illustration, and for good reason – illustrators are brilliant at it. In the No Narrative..

Varoom 40: Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture game

In this extract from Varoom Fantasy issue, Creative Director Dan Pinchbeck of Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, the BAFTA Award-winning non-linear game created by Brighton-based studio The Chinese Room tells us how the team created their ‘artful, painterly and almost seductive’, yet eerily real dystopian fantasy.

Varoom 40: Ram Han – Digital Romance

In this excerpt from Varoom 40 Alix-Rose Cowie talks to Ram Han about her artwork, and what it means to her: “From time to time, I’m obsessed with the urge to observe myself from a distance,” Han says. She broaches adult themes; romance, sexuality and voyeurism. Her work seems at the intersection of innocence lost and complexity gained.

Varoom 40: Hail Herman Inclusus

‘No Lifestyle. No Pose. No Galleries. No Collaboration. No Commissions. No Art Direction. No Illustration. No Creative. No Social Network. No Fashion.’ It would hard to imagine more restrictive prohibitions on an illustrator than these Ten Commandments. Yet they are the credo strictly observed by Herman Inclusus, the anachronistic pseudonym of the Staffordshire-based artist formerly known as Stuart Kolakovic, interviewed in this extract from Varoom 40 by Paul Gravett.

Varoom 40: Victo Ngai – Cloak of Fantasy

In this excerpt from Varoom 40, Ritupriya Basu connects with Victo Ngai at her studio in LA, to talk about how fantasy plays into her work and why composing illustrations is akin to orchestrating stage plays.

Varoom 39: Gucci’s Daydream Nation

Rome-based illustrator Ignasi Monreal’s digital paintings mix art historical and pop culture references to sublime effect. In Varoom 39 Zoë Taylor explores his work for Gucci’s Utopian Fantasy campaign and asks whether fashion illustration can break from its past?

Varoom 39: Finding the Middle – Joy Miessi

Joy Miessi transforms personal experiences into visual memorabilia through mixed media work. Both an illustrator and painter, Joy’s work reveals a varying range of themes, from past moments and conversations to intimate thoughts. In this article from Varoom 39, Aisha Ayoade talks to Joy about the concept of nostalgia and how the past is made present in their work.

Varoom 39: Distant Memories

Joey Yu grew up in the UK, but as a child went to Hong Kong with her family most summers. In Varoom 39 she talks about her nostalgic feelings for these trips and her other travels.

Varoom 39: An A to Z of Alphaputt

Sennep Games’ Alphaputt is a mobile game that combines the studio’s passions for typography, crazy golf and pop culture from the 1980s and 90s. Shane Walter talks to creative director Matt Rice about how Sennep’s nostalgic fantasy world became a reality.

Varoom 39: Tracing History

Serena Katt talks to Paul Gravett for the Nostalgia issue about her graphic memoir of her grandfather, ‘Sunday’s Child’, which considers what we choose to remember and to forget.

Judith Kerr in Varoom

In a 2009 interview from Varoom magzine we celebrate Judith Kerr, who talks Mog, her then current work and of course, The Tiger Who Came To Tea – ‘We never thought of a Tiger as something ‘bitey’.’

Varoom 38: War In The Neighborhood

The dramatic stories behind the housing activists of 80s New York revealed in Seth Tobocman’s powerful graphic novel. Varoom talks to Seth about the ideas behind the project.

Varoom 38: Contested Space

As they transform urban sites, developers are employing strategies to engage with their existing surroundings. Increasingly, working with artists is one of them. We get two differing opinions on this strategy.

Varoom 38: Virtual Vandal

In Varoom Activism issue Seb Chaloner reveals his  project challenging ‘members only’ clubs – and chucks a brick through the window!