Reportage Varoom 35 – Melanie Reim

Varoom magazine regularly covers reportage illustration. In issue 35 of Varoom magazine Derek Brazell selected Melanie Reim’s drawings from the 2016 USA elections which saw Donald Trump elected.

Varoom 37 – Material Love: Article Excerpt

Illustrators develop a close connection with their materials. In Varoom 37 Poppy Chancellor, MaricorMaricar and Olimpia Zagnoli reveal what they love about papercutting, embroidery and experimenting with new materials.

Love Letters: Paula Amaral to Adam Simpson

For Varoom’s Love issue we asked six industry professionals to write a love letter to an image-maker and image they fell in love with. Paula Amaral, Creative Director at McCann Enterprise describes her feelings on Adam Simpson’s Tired Mind.

“Beauty School Gave Me Brain Damage”

“I think aesthetically, I’ve always been drawn to packaging and products, combs and blow dryers, all that” Zoë Taylor explores Seth Bogart’s eclectic work in Varoom ‘Love’ issue.

Varoom 37 – the Love Issue

The new ‘Love’ issue of Varoom explores this emotive topic in a host of ways – from Love Letters from art directors to illustrators and Folio Society’s passion for book publishing, to reportage from Berlin sex clubs.

Varoom 36: Cool, Stylish and Funny!

The work of French illustrator, Jean-Philippe Delhomme explores the worlds of fashion and culture with visual wit and elegance. He’s profiled in Varoom Rhythm issue.

Opportunity: Varoom Editor

AOI is seeking a new editor to take Varoom forward from issue 38. Deadline for applications 3 November.

Varoom 36: Career Rhythms

How do illustrators deal with the varied rhythms of a career? The latest issue of Varoom explores these ups and downs with AOI member illustrators and an agent.

Varoom 36 Innovators

Each issue Varoom invites expert industry insiders to select and comment on the Innovators in their fields.

Varoom 36 Roundtable – Rhythm

Be-Bop-A-Lula, rhythm, and understanding how to work with it, is at the heart of all creativity. Varoom held a Roundtable with three creatives to discuss Rhythm in creativity.

Varoom 36: the Rhythm issue

The new Varoom gets Rhythmic with Jean Phillipe Delhomme, an international selection of Emerging Image Makers, AOI members discussing their Career Rhythms and the tools and materials they use in Material Rhythms.

Varoom 35: Roundtable

What are the changing forms of storytelling? Varoom sat at a table with three people who have a good idea about storytelling forms.

Varoom 35: Virtual Reality

Pioneers in the VR field share their insight into a medium that may change our experience of storytelling.

Storytelling: The Clearing

As part of the Storytelling theme, Varoom spoke to illustrator Mairead Dunne and Steve Braund of Atlantic Press about her illustrations for a book of poems, The Clearing.

Varoom 35: Innovator Insight with Rob Davis

In these extracts from Varoom 35: Storytelling, Sarah McIntyre talks to Rob Davis about his creative process involving his latest graphic novel ‘The Can Opener’s Daughter’.

Varoom 35 – Storytelling

The Storytelling issue is packed with beautiful and surprising images, and alongside major articles on the theme. February 2017.

Stack Magazines Awards

The Stack Awards 2016 results were announced at the awards ceremony in London. Varoom’s Derek Brazell was co-judge with Cath Caldwell from Central St Martins for the Best Use of Illustration

Varoom 34 – Wellbeing Approaches

  Framing the visual language of health and wellness can be tricky. Get it wrong and you’re doing the equivalent of ‘woman laughing alone with salad’. In 10 Visual Approaches..

Collectives: The Future

  There are many different attitudes towards collectives, to get a more accurate idea of how they function and succeed, Allie Oldfield talks to UK based and overseas collectives asking..

Collectives: The Key to Success

    There are many different attitudes towards collectives, to get a more accurate idea of how they function and succeed, Allie Oldfield talks to UK based and overseas collectives..

The Varoom Report: Politics V29

    Politics THE ILLUSTRATION REPORT Spring  2015 ISSUE 29 Varoom 29 is available to purchase here as well as other past issues. You can also subscribe to make sure you never miss out..