Interactive RAF graphic novel from Middlesex University

Chocks away!  Middlesex University students have collaborated with the Royal Airforce museum at Hendon airfield to produce an online interactive graphic novel relating the history of the airfield from the early 1900’s to the present day.

Tony Ross: An Anty-War Story – interview

We talk to AOI Patron Tony Ross about his new anti-war book. Douglas just wants to fit in but in ant society you are what you are pre-destined to be, and the colony want him to be a soldier…


Kick starting an awesome few days of illustration events in Dublin, is our all new business masterclass – essential for all image makers! An Evening Masterclass with the AOI –..

Commissioning Illustration for Retail

Peter Cross, Customer Experience Director at John Lewis Partnership, commissioned Paul Thurlby’s World Illustration Award winning project National Treasures. Find out more about the commissioning process in this insightful interview.

Jacky Winter on Representation

In this industry insight we talked to Jeremy Wortsman of Jacky Winter about the Australian illustration scene, working globally, geographical trends and the secret to a long career, “Everyone needs to spin a lot of different plates to survive!”

Illustrator of the Month

From ‘Down Under’, AOI member Andrea Innocent lives and works as part of the Illustration scene in Melbourne. She describes her travelling years in Japan and how its historical art style influenced her own practice, plus the journey to finding satisfaction and grounding in teaching and leading workshops in Australia.

Illustrator of the Month

We talk to Animation Director and Illustrator Stevie Gee about his success in Design, Advertising and Music, as well as a variety of weird and wonderful products. Also highlight his triumphant win(s) at the World Illustration Awards.

Illustrator of the Month

Illustrator and Animator Rune Fisker is a Coperhagen-based and Danish born designer, who’s dynamic compositions and vivid colours caught the eye of the AOI team and led to animated dialog for June’s Member of the Month.

Illustrator of the Month

Rosanna Webster often consults with us using her illustrator membership in business, pricing and negotiation on some complex and always interesting commissions. A few years back a moving image commission by Stella McCartney propelled her work to the fore and led to a range of opportunities.

10 Nobrow Illustrators

“Nobrow has stood out in this last decade by placing quality production values at the core of its ethos: lusciously printed books in offset or spot colours, exciting new formats..

Illustrator of the Month

Members are the very backbone of this organisation and we are always looking to showcase and share illustrators more. We are delighted to showcase Robert Sae-Heng’s beautiful work online in this monthly feature.

What’s the ‘Made In North Korea’ exhibition about?

As the Made In North Korea exhibition opens at House of Illustration we ask curator Olivia Ahmad about the contents of the show, and how it came about. From hand painted posters and comics via packaging and postards, it reveals work you’ll never have seen!

10 Hourly Comics you don’t want to miss

Yesterday, 1st of February, was #HourlyComicDay: a global challenge where artists create and share a comic for every hour they’re awake. We round up 10 comics for you to enjoy.