Working Spaces: Catarina Glam

Catarina Glam is a Portuguese street artist and sculptor who assembles geometric characters, in ways that make them stand out and be enjoyed by local communities on the public realm. Learn about her unique working process!

Illustrator of the Month: March

If you’re looking for imaginative, funny, colour packed, characterful illustrations (with a few cats too), look no further! Aurora Cacciapuoti does this and much more, and we’re very proud to be showcasing her as our Illustrator of the Month for March.

Illustrator of the Month – February

Master of chill, Illustrator and Animator Joe Prytherch (aka Mason London) has built an impressive portfolio of seamless animated loops complimenting your favourite chill out tracks. Creating animations that work alongside contemporary jazz, and arcade game music – we’re excited to present as February’s Illustrator of the Month!

Working Spaces: Lucy Sherston & Owen Davey

Illustrators work in all sorts of spaces! Our first ‘Working Spaces’ article features two Illustrators working from home and a studio respectively, reflecting on the pros and cons on each.

Shaun Tan on The Bird King, An Artist’s Sketchbook – interview

One of the world’s most popular illustrators, Shaun Tan – known for a series of fascinating picture books – has just published The Bird King, An Artist’s Sketchbook. A book containing ‘much fun, wit and wisdom’, according to our reviewer, Karl Foster, who spoke to Shaun about sketchbook vs tablet, the influence of his Australian location and how he pursues the use of scale in his artwork.

Varoom 39: Gucci’s Daydream Nation

Rome-based illustrator Ignasi Monreal’s digital paintings mix art historical and pop culture references to sublime effect. In Varoom 39 Zoë Taylor explores his work for Gucci’s Utopian Fantasy campaign and asks whether fashion illustration can break from its past?

LOOK UP! Dapo Adeola – Insights into Children’s Publishing

Dapo Adeola is making waves in the community as a champion of the importance of equal representation in the publishing industry and wider arts. As an illustrator with two years in the industry – Dapo is outspoken in the call for more movement to support and include all illustrators and authors, particularly British BAME creators.


  This December we are delighted to feature Yorkshire based AOI member Helena Covell as our illustrator of the Month. The AOI team enjoyed an open and animated discussion with..

Varoom 39: Finding the Middle – Joy Miessi

Joy Miessi transforms personal experiences into visual memorabilia through mixed media work. Both an illustrator and painter, Joy’s work reveals a varying range of themes, from past moments and conversations to intimate thoughts. In this article from Varoom 39, Aisha Ayoade talks to Joy about the concept of nostalgia and how the past is made present in their work.

Illustrator of the Month: June

July is nearly upon us, marking the beginning of summer in full swing. Before this happens though, we are proud to present our 15th edition of ‘Illustrator of the Month’:..

Illustrator of the Month – May

From divine print products to striking murals Laura Callaghan is a celebrated Illustrator with a significant online following, and as guest speaker at Pictoplasma Festival she presented the perfect candidate for May’s Illustrator of the Month!

Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2019 – what AOI did

What did AOI get up to at the Fair? Delivering several events (including on Publishing Contracts), offering advice at the EIF stand Helpdesk, and meeting members who were attending. We also hear from four illustrators who visited in 2019 – “It was such an invigorating experience”.


Following the incredibly useful Agents Top Tips for Bologna, we asked for a publisher’s insight into how to use your time wisely. We approach our friends at Pan Macmillan for their tips for the Children’s Book Fair!

Illustrator of the Month – March

In the run up to Bologna we find ourselves delighted by one application by Italian Illustrator Valeria Weerasinghe. Her website bustling with character driven personal projects, we found her the perfect candidate for our Italian take on Illustrator of the Month!