Illustrator of the Month: June

July is nearly upon us, marking the beginning of summer in full swing. Before this happens though, we are proud to present our 15th edition of ‘Illustrator of the Month’:..

Illustrator of the Month – May

From divine print products to striking murals Laura Callaghan is a celebrated Illustrator with a significant online following, and as guest speaker at Pictoplasma Festival she presented the perfect candidate for May’s Illustrator of the Month!

Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2019 – what AOI did

What did AOI get up to at the Fair? Delivering several events (including on Publishing Contracts), offering advice at the EIF stand Helpdesk, and meeting members who were attending. We also hear from four illustrators who visited in 2019 – “It was such an invigorating experience”.


Following the incredibly useful Agents Top Tips for Bologna, we asked for a publisher’s insight into how to use your time wisely. We approach our friends at Pan Macmillan for their tips for the Children’s Book Fair!

Illustrator of the Month – March

In the run up to Bologna we find ourselves delighted by one application by Italian Illustrator Valeria Weerasinghe. Her website bustling with character driven personal projects, we found her the perfect candidate for our Italian take on Illustrator of the Month!

Bologna Children’s Book Fair: Agents Insight

Attending the Bologna Childrens Book Fair is exciting and sometimes slightly overwhelming, but with the right advice and planning you can make the most of it. Many Agents, both for artwork and literary/artwork attend Bologna, and we asked Penny from Holroyde Cartey and Steph from The Artworks for their top tips for the Childrens Book Fair.

Top Tips to Make Zines!

Zines are a great way to gather visual ideas and give context to personal work. But where do you start? What should you consider? We ask four exciting DIY Illustrators for their thoughts and expert advice.

Drawing Words: Exhibition highlights

The exhibition is curated by Lauren Child and commissioned by the British Council, and celebrates ten of the most inspiring contemporary British Children’s Book illustrators, including AOI member, Jill Calder.

Illustrator of the Month: December

London based Member Steve Scott is the go-to guy for light-hearted, playful and intricate Illustration. As the final member feature for this year we eagerly chatted with Steve and Agent..

Varoom 38: It’s Got To Be Real

Stuart Lang weighs up the potential for success and failure when brands support social movements – an excert from Varoom 38 – Activism

Varoom 38: Joseph Kai comic artist

Comic maker Joseph Kai is part of the Varoom 38 (Activism) feature on the new wave of Arab Comics, and here he talks to Paul Gravett about the group, the role of comics in Lebanese culture and issues for freelance artists in the country

Interactive RAF graphic novel from Middlesex University

Chocks away!  Middlesex University students have collaborated with the Royal Airforce museum at Hendon airfield to produce an online interactive graphic novel relating the history of the airfield from the early 1900’s to the present day.

Tony Ross: An Anty-War Story – interview

We talk to AOI Patron Tony Ross about his new anti-war book. Douglas just wants to fit in but in ant society you are what you are pre-destined to be, and the colony want him to be a soldier…

Illustrator of the Month: October

Bristol-based Member James Davies was the perfect candidate to fill the position of Illustrator of the Month in light of all the creative activity appearing in the West of England this October


Kick starting an awesome few days of illustration events in Dublin, is our all new business masterclass – essential for all image makers! An Evening Masterclass with the AOI –..