Diversity and Equality in Illustration

The AOI is committed to challenging ourselves and others to ensure an equal, diverse industry that we can all be proud of.

We must remove barriers, unleash potential and celebrate diversity.

We will not tolerate discrimination in any form, be that overt, subtle or enabled through silence.

All illustrators should feel welcome in our industry, and our organisation, and we want to address our blind spots. There is some good work that is happening, but we need more.

We recognise the massive challenge we face, and the industry faces, in terms of diversity and equality and the imperative need to address it.

“Racism, discrimination and inequality have no place in our world, or our industry.”

What are we doing?

We have a regular roundtable exploring questions around Diversity and Equality at the AOI and in the industry.  These roundtables help inform our actions.  The sessions are open to all. If you would like to join please email Rachel.

We have much work to do and recognise that we want to prioritise schemes which have an immediate tangible benefit, as well as growing partnerships and policies to achieve long term change.  We are working to our Diversity and Equality Action Plan .

We are working on, or have completed these areas;
– Collaborating with professional peers to develop cross-sector resources and initiatives.
– Developing new resources for illustrators and commissioners found here.
– Created a subsidy scheme for events presented by The AOI, including the World Illustration Awards.
– Created and are delivering a mentorship scheme for underrepresented illustrators
– Internally reviewed recruitment wording and dissemination to attract a wider range of applicants.
– Internally altered our reporting data so we can monitor the make-up of who we present on our public facing channels
– Reviewed the accessibility of our public events, making ongoing refinements to the content and the way it is delivered.
– Internally positioned Diversity and Equality as a standing item in team meetings and repositioned our policy in our handbook.

To find out more about this work, or to get involved contact Rachel.

Image: Adrianna bellet, aka Jeez Vanilla

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