We continue to work within Europe as the implications of Brexit unfold. We are navigating changes to current legislation, and continuing to support  EU legislation currently in development.  We will also work with our partners and government to inform new international trade negotiations where appropriate.

We are doing much of this work with the British Copyright Council. The BCC is an independent group of creators, performers, publishers and producers across all disciplines, including the AOI. It is well respected by government and meets regularly with the Intellectual Property office (The IPO).

“We want to ensure that Brexit is not detrimental to our industry – and where possible it offers an improvement.”

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Navigating any changes to existing legislation
Supporting EU legislation currently in development

There is a large suite of legislation currently underway in the EU under the heading of the Digital Single Market Strategy. There is a proposed EU directive on copyright and the Digital Single Market which, amongst other things, includes a section on fair remuneration in contracts of authors and performers and is largely good news for illustrators as it includes:

a. An appropriate level of transparency in contracts.
b. Windfall Clauses. If something does better an expected the illustrator shares in the profits.
c. Use it or Lose it rights. To stop rights being warehoused by commissioners certain rights (dramatisation / merchandising etc) should revert to the creator if they have not been exploited within a certain time period.

All of this is due to be passed as a Bill shortly before we leave Europe (and therefore become European law). We want to ensure that the UK benefits from it, and regardless of the timescale, that it is implemented into U.K. Law.

Informing new international trade negotiations

We know that the UK is going to have to negotiate some new trade deals and we are working to ensure that our excellent copyright will be a benchmark of great practise and an exportable asset – not something to be bartered.

Again we are working with the BCC and we know we will be closely aligned with other large players in film, music etc. who all rely on copyright to sustain their industries.

British illustration talent is commissioned across boundaries, from the USA, Europe and the rest of the world and we want to make sure there are no barriers to that.

The European Illustrators Forum (EIF)

The European Illustrators Forum is a pan European network offering a voice for illustration in Europe. It communicates the values of illustration and image making and furthers exchange of knowledge and critical debate between professional illustrators and their clients across Europe through conferences, exhibitions, research and education.

The AOI is a founding Member of EIF and sits on its board.

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