What’s new for WIA2023?

As well as our new branding, we have made some updates to the World Illustration Awards, introducing some new categories, sponsors, prizes and an early bird offer on entry fees.

Find out what’s new for 2023…

Early bird fees

We are introducing a great new offer for entrants this year where you can purchase an unlimited amount of entries before 12pm (GMT) on 3rd January 2023 at the same price as last year. Even if you pay for your entry by the early bird deadline, you can still edit right up until the final deadline day which is 14 February 2023.

If you are an AOI member at the time you enter, you also get 20% off your entry fees, including on the early bird offer.

So, if you plan to enter, why not start early and save yourself some money!

We will also be launching a bursary scheme for a limited number of free entries for those on low or no incomes in early January as additional support for illustrators.

Publishing Category, sponsored by Rebelle

This year, we have a new Publishing Category. This is for any book, or e-book project for readers age 16 or over. The project can be commissioned, or speculative, and even a one-off, limited edition, or artist book!

This new category is sponsored by Rebelle, an award-winning painting software with phenomenal oils, acrylics, watercolors, and other wet and dry media. Paint pigments color mixing, oil thickness, watercolor diffusion, and NanoPixel technology, convincingly mimic the way natural media interact with the canvas and itself.

Animation Category, sponsored by Huion

Another new category for WIA2023 is the Animation Category! This is for any illustration made as moving image, and can include short animated gifs, and longer videos. The work for this category can be commissioned or non-commissioned, and can be on any topic. Any format or style of animation is eligible for this category.

This new category is sponsored by Huion 绘王, a China-based drawing tablet brand founded on 12 March 2011. It provides drawing tablets, light pads, and pen displays, for beginners and professionals. Its products are compatible with Android, Windows, macOS, Linux and can be used to create digital works, and photo editing. Headquartered in Shenzhen, Huion has expanded its sales territory to over 100 countries and is one of the most renowned brands in the industry globally.

Huion Cross-Category Award for Digital Innovation

Our friends at Huion are also sponsoring a cross-category award for Digital Innovation, with a tablet and pen on offer as prizes for the winner. This award will be selected by the team at Huion from any shortlisted project that is made using digital media.

New Book Covers category sponsor

We’re delighted to announce the London Book Fair are sponsoring the Book Covers Category for WIA2023. This popular category is for any commissioned or uncommissioned book cover artwork, or existing illustration that would lend itself to use as a book cover.

Find out all you need to know here: www.theaoi.com/world-illustration-awards

10th December 2022

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