GHIA shortlist announced!

The AOI & Eradigm Consulting are proud to announce the triumphant success for the first Annual Global Healthcare Illustration Awards. In May 2022 the quest to find the very best illustrations in the healthcare space started and the response has exceeded expectations by far!

There have been over 2000 submissions from artists worldwide who have showcased a vast assortment of Illustrations highlighting the key issues presented in today’s ever changing healthcare landscape making it incredibly challenging to judge. The esteemed judging panel, chaired by award winning illustrator Luca D’urbino, have after much deliberation, finalised their shortlist and can present to you the 50 shortlisted Illustrations.

We would like to thank all of those who took part and dedicated their time to help us bring to fruition the current global healthcare issues in a medium that is thought provoking and relatable to us all. 

More than ever, people all over the world are aware with the complex issues we face when it comes to global health. The artists have helped us to communicate this through their work giving a unique perspective on this subject matter.

Eradigm are now working to host and exhibit the amazing talent and Illustrations that have been created in honour of the first annual Global Healthcare Illustration Awards. The variety of stunning images created will be part of an exhibition which will take place in London in November. We will be announcing the exhibition details and the winners of the Gold, Silver and Bronze Cash prizes soon so watch this space.

In the meantime, view the shortlisted images on the Eradigm website.


Congratulations to these artists for getting their project on the shortlist:

 Alice Smith  –  The Physick Garden: Ancient Cures for Modern Maladies
 Ana Pérez López  –  My Journey to the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament
 Anna  –  A case of sound pollution
 Antoine Doré  –  Precision Oncology
 Chiara Vercesi  –  Hope in Crisis – The opioids epidemic
 Christian Gralingen  –  Moral Center
 Colin McElwaine  –  The joy of running
 Dóra Kisteleki  –  Health&Science
 Duck & Falcon  –  Masks New Fashion
 Gail Armstrong  –  United Nations ‘World Toilet Day’ stamp set
 Guillem Casasús Xercavins  –  Better ways to get better
 Justin Winslow  –  Henry Schein Global Rebrand Illustration System
 Karolis Strautniekas  –  The America We Need
 Karolis Strautniekas  –  The Long Shadow of the Pandemic
 Kotryna Zukauskaite  –  The associations between mental and physical health in seniors
 Laura Sadler  –  Imperfectly perfect
 Lou Kiss  –  How Sex Toys Impact a Relationship
 Luisa Jung  –  Brain Fables:The Hidden History of Neurodegenerative Diseases and a Blueprint to Conquer Them
 Luisa Jung  –  Gene Editing
 Manuel Šumberac  –  Helping Hands
 Matt Harrison Clough  –  The US Needs a Psychologist General
 Matt Harrison Clough  –  How Blind People Visualise Animals
 Michelle Mildenberg  –  Polycystic Ovary Syndrome week
 Miriam Martincic  –  Lane One
 Odd Job Art  –  Brush Your Teeth
 Olivia M Healy  –  The Extreme Pain of Vulvodynia
 Owen Gent  –  ARE ‘NEAR-DEATH’ EXPERIENCES REAL? – NYT Op-Ed Editorial Illustration
 Owen Gent  –  Zeit Magazin – ‘A conversation with oncologist Michael Hallek about life and death.’
 Owen Gent  –  The Economist – The Difference Between Loneliness & Solitude
 Peter Greenwood  –  Vaccine Race
 Philip Lindeman  –  Coming off age in lockdown
 Robert Carter  –  Brain Sick
 Sabine Kranz  –  palliative care – making the end bearable
 Salini Perera  –  Toronto’s COVID Fight
 ShinYeon Moon  –  Stay Home for Them
 Simiao Wang  –  Multitask.
 Studio RX, An IPG Health Company – Hannah Cunningham  –  Endo Pain
 Susanna Gentili  –  Products for menopause
 Suzan Hijink  –  Path of Vaccine
 Tanja Semion  –  Occupational Diseases in Slovenia
 Tanja Semion  –  First Noveber – All Saints
 Tim Mulder  –  The perfect reference
 Veronika Vieyra  –  The wonders of modern diagnostics.
 Wenjie Huo  –  End
 Whitney Sherman  –  Joint Pain Ruins a Run
 YangJian  –  Fearlessly love

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24th October 2022

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