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The Editorial season Podcast explores the essential aspects of editorial illustration from the commissioner and illustrator sides, examining the qualities that make excellent editorial images with practical information and great anecdotes.

With The New York Times AD Corinne Myller and internationally commissioned illustrator André Carrilho, hosted by Rachel Emily Taylor.

Playtime in Ghouta Syria by André Carrilho

Corrine on use of illustration, “The most important thing is for the artists to love to draw, and be able to draw. And when I hire an artist to do a piece, it’s usually when I can’t get a photograph, when there’s nothing to photograph. So it requires a thinking human who can draw to do something. And that will add to the piece, the story, and also be a draw to the article, bringing people into to read the article that will work with the headline. Because those are the first two things that people see as the headline and the piece of art.”

André on different approaches, “What I usually do is once you get the sketching stage out of the way, you secure the ideas, you secure the composition and the drawing. And then if you want to risk doing some experiments with the technique finishing it, you know you have time and you know you can fall back to the same sketch and resolve it differently if the art director doesn’t like it. That’s only happens if you have time.”

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21st September 2022

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