WIA2022 Longlist Highlights From The Professional Design, Product and Packaging Category

Discover some fantastic highlights from the WIA2022 Professional Design, Product and Packaging longlist in this curated list. Design shapes our visual world, with illustration used for branding, products, logos, packaging, posters and many more applications.

The World Illustration Awards 2022 Longlist features 500 projects by New Talent and Professional illustrators from all over the world across ten categories. This year, the awards celebrate great illustration!

Read on to see our Professional Design, Product and Packaging Category Highlights – and if you’d like to learn more, click through to see the full project and contact information!

Yifan Wu : Bear puzzle design

Yifan created this joyful puzzle design during a pandemic lockdown in New York City. Craving access to nature, she imagined a scene of nature-loving bears having a great time in a sunlit valley with waterfalls, trees, moss, and daffodil flowers.

The illustration was painted digitally with some paper textures to add a soft, hand-made touch.

Yifan Wu is an award-winning illustrator based in Nanjing China.

Shinyoung Kim : DONGWON Holiday Gift sets 2021

Shingyoung was commissioned by Korean food product brand Dongwon to design their seasonal packaging. The brief was to visualize ‘hope’ and send out positive messages.

There were 4 differentDongwon Holiday Gifts sets: Tuna, Oil, Ham, and Special Sets, all created to deliver a cheering message.

Shinyoung Kim is a Korean animator and illustrator currently based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Anna Sokolova : Maison Margiela Artisanal

Anna was commissioned by the Fashion house Maison Margiela to collaborate on their ‘Artisanal’ collection to create illustrated fashion objects to feature in the film “A Folk Horror Tale”, a feature-length fashion work based on an original concept by John Galliano.

Inspired by Dutch imagery, the detailed Delft Blue painted pieces should read like a story and invite the viewer to take a closer look.

The pieces were painted with a combination of high viscosity acrylic and thin-bodied acrylic gloss painting.

Anna Sokolova is an award-winning artist based in Berlin, Germany.

Illustration for a poster exhibition about the glory days of the vinyl record. The poster illustration was used as a record cover, inspired by the cover BAT OUT OF HELL by Meat Loaf.

Steven Van Hasten : Music Graphics, a tribute to the vinyl record

This surreal series of illustrations were created for a poster exhibition about the glory days of the vinyl record.

Steven wanted to include some references to the most famous record covers of all time in the main illustrations.

He researched well-known record sleeves and looked for familiar elements to create a new world around them. 

The illustrations were created in acrylics and pencil and the titles added digitally.

Steven Van Hasten is an Illustrator based in Belgium.

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Tramy Lui : Swatch x You Collaboration

Swatch, a Swiss watchmaker, collaborated with Macau based illustrator Tramy Lui for this colourful “Swatch x You” project.

Tramy created two unique canvases around themes ‘Starry Journey’ and ‘Puzzles of Life’ for Swatch that were used on a series of unique watch designs.

Tramy Liu is an Illustrator and Designer based in Macau, China.

Far Cry tobatron weapons diagrams instructional illustration information graphics

Tobatron : Far Cry 6

Tobatron was invited to collaborate on popular video game Far Cry, and create a series of illustrated documents that can be found by players to help them build weapons from discarded found objects.

He wanted to make the documents look like they had been produced by a guerilla fighter with access only to very limited and antiquated printing technology.

The drawings were initially created in Adobe Illustrator, then printed out and scanned back into Photoshop to finish the composition.

Tobatron is the alter ego of London based artist – Toby Leigh.

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26th August 2022

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