WIA2022 Longlist Highlights From The New Talent Alternative Publishing Category

Discover some fantastic highlights on the WIA2022 New Talent Alternative Publishing longlist in this curated list featuring work across all new forms of publishing, from limited editioned artist books, graphic novels, to self published works that play with traditional book formats.

The World Illustration Awards 2022 Longlist features 500 projects by New Talent and Professional illustrators from all over the world across ten categories. This year, the awards celebrate great illustration!

Read on to see our New Talent Alternative Publishing Category Highlights – and if you’d like to learn more, click through to see the full project and contact information!

Beth Izatt : The Mailman’s Marvellous Mail

This concertina book was created by Beth to share stories of simple acts of kindness that could be given as a sign of thanks to someone by the reader.

Each character in the book receives a thank you note from the Mailman for all the support (and cups of tea!) they have given him over a tough time.

The illustrations were made as digital collages using homemade textures and materials such as pencils and found ephemera.

Beth Izatt is an illustrator from Essex and recent graduate from the University of Brighton.

Shira Seri Levi : NYC Diaries

Inspired by her experiences of living in New York through a pandemic and how the experience changed her, Shira wanted to create a diary of this time.

She first drew these illustrations with ink on paper and then edited them digitally. She then turned the illustrations into posters and a mini-zine that were printed using the RISO printer.

Shira Seri-Levi is an illustrator and animator from Jerusalem, living in Brooklyn, New York in the USA.

Leqing Duan : Bear’s Funeral

This series of illustrations were inspired by the documentary Grizzly Man. Leqing felt that there are people in society, who are like solitary bears who can’t fit into a group and then get swallowed up and die.

Lequing imagined holding funeral for herself and others like her. In this piece, the bear is her avatar, who dies and is given a funeral by nature.

Leqing plans to make a number of accordion bound zines of this project in beautiful packaging for people to read.

Leqing Duan is a postgraduate student studying illustration at UAL in the UK.

Charlotte Bownass : Crystal

Using charcoal and soft pastel, Charlotte made this work as part of her final project for her MA in children’s book illustration.

She drew from childhood memories of long car journeys, being trapped in a small space with nothing to do, experiencing the worst boredom and frustration.

She now looks back with nostalgia, at all that time spent with family and doing nothing but thinking and day dreaming.

Charlotte Bownass is an illustrator from the UK and based in Cambridge.

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Tianxing Du : Birdman Creek

Tianxing explains that this story was inspired by the time she spent in the valley behind her grandmother’s house. The smell of vegetation, moss and soil in the valley dominated her childhood memories before the age of six.

She wanted to create a story that captured these memories and the magic of her childhood in the valley.

The illustrations started as pencil sketches, which were then collaged together to create the compositions and then finished digitally in Procreate. They will be brought together to make a zine.

Tianxing Du(Megan Du)is a China-born, London-based freelance illustrator.

Mojiao Zhou : ‘Pets’

As a lover of exotic pets, Mojiao was inspired to explore the relationship between pets and humans: do they need us or do we need them?

In four sets of illustrations, she tells the story of three of her pets. In the process of actually keeping these pets, she found their habits were beyond her imagination.

Created digitally, this series of illustrations also included a pop up book.

Mojiao Zhou is an illustrator from China, currently studying an MA in Illustration at the University of the Arts London.

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3rd August 2022

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