GHIA (Global Healthcare Illustration Awards) jury announced

We are delighted to announce the jury for the GHIA awards. These five industry insiders will be selecting the 50 shortlisted works and the three cash prize winners. For a chance to be one of these, check out our GHIA page with all the information you need:

Entries close 15 August 2022

Luca D’Urbino

Luca D’Urbino is a Digital Artist from Milano, Italy who collaborates with important brands, newspapers and magazines around the globe, facing complex themes with a simple and direct visual language.
A selected clients list includes: The Economist, Internazionale, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Die Zeit, L’Express, Hermés, Shopify, Il Sole24Ore, Longanesi, Iliad, La Stampa, La Repubblica, Volkswagen, Millionaire, Economy Magazine, Handelsblatt, De Volksrant, Courrier International, Sky.
His works have been on show in New York, London, Parigi, Bologna, Milano.

Ben Shmulevitch is an Editorial Designer and Art Director at The Economist, London UK

He is currently Associate Art Director at The Economist where he commissions illustrators across the world for the weekly print issue as well as longform special projects. Since 2018 he has directed numerous award-winning editorial illustrations for the paper on a wide range of topics spanning science, technology, business and culture. Ben has also been commissioned by several other publications to create editorial artwork that frequently focuses on health, medicine and politics. He graduated in 2016 with a degree from The University of Edinburgh. 

Jennifer Prandato is an art director at Time Magazine in New York, US

She has been at TIME since 2015 and focuses on designing cover packages, special issues, features and department pages as well as multimedia content that helps translate the print product across digital and social media platforms. Jennifer collaborates with illustrators all across the globe for both print and digital projects. Before TIME, she designed for The Boston Globe and collaborated with the Chicago Tribune on their Olympics information graphics coverage. She’s a graduate of the Ball State University Journalism Graphics program and judged the Society for News Design’s 43rd annual print competition.

Malin Schulz is Art Director at Die Zeit in Hamburg, Germany

Malin became art director of ZEIT in 2013, where  she got to know and love the power of illustration where she became co-boss art director alongside Haika Hinze. With the ZEIT team, she has won several times the SND Award, World Best Designed Newspaper and the European Newspaper Award. She has been the youngest member of the editor-in-chief of ZEIT since 2016. Her aim is to join optics and content together. It is important to her to push and promote visual journalism. She is a regular speaker at conferences and traveling to universities as well as being a guest on various juries.

Stefano Cipolla is an Italian Art Director at L’Espresso in Milan, Italy.

From 2018 he’s the Art Director of the weekly “L’Espresso”He teaches Editorial Graphic Design, Infographic and History of Communication Design. He Taught for 15 years at the roman Istituto Europeo di Design. Now he’s at the Scuola di Giornalismo di Urbino, MiMaster in Milano and he holds conferences and workshops. He’s also a Domestika teacher and his course “Fundamentals of Editorial Graphic Desgin for Magazines” online since May 2022. His job is his passion: He believes working with images is the greatest luck you can have, and that’s what he tries to convey to his students.

12th July 2022

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