Eileen Browne’s Choice

After discovering that only one in three picture or baby books in the UK (and USA) has a female lead (one in five with animal characters) and that BAME children are under-represented, Illustrator and Author Eileen Browne began compiling this list.

If children see gender and racial equality in their media from birth onwards, there’s an excellent chance they’ll grow into adults who see equality as normal.

The books are ‘a good read’ for all boys & girls, with either female protagonists, equal numbers of females & males or no gendered characters. The list is updated 4 times a year by Eileen, with new inclusions added every season .

This is a valuable resource for parents and educators. All books are organised alphabetically, with clear credits (to both Authors and Illustrator) and age groups. We recommend this list is shared as far and wide as possible.

See the full list here. 

13th September 2021

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