WIA2021: New Talent highlights from the Children’s Publishing category longlist sponsored by Walker Books

Explore just some of the highlights from the WIA2021 New Talent longlist of the Children’s Publishing category in this curated list featuring illustration created to inspire the next generation of readers. For use in publications for readers under 16 years old including inside illustrations, whole book design or entire publications.

The World Illustration Awards 2021 Longlist features 500 projects by New Talent and Professional illustrators from all over the world across ten categories. This year, the awards celebrate great illustration! Read on to see our New Talent Children’s Publishing Category Highlights – and if you’d like to learn more, click through to see the full project and contact information!

This picture book is based on a phenomenon called Proust Effect: people can be transported back to their past and relive intense and emotional memories in response to certain smells.

Cedar Wang is an author-illustrator from Beijing. She finished her first master’s degree in Children’s Literature at the University of Cambridge.

This project was created in response to a Pre-Major Project Unit brief Arts University Bournemouth, leaving

Emily Clark is a Dorset, UK, based illustrator whose work focuses on children’s illustration and creating fun characters inspired by nature.

‘Blue Things’ was a major university project. Taking blue as the research object, the artist created a non-fiction picture book about the colour blue and its changing connotations throughout time.

Jiatong Liu is a Chinese illustrator currently based in London, UK.

The animation piece is about a little boy who is afraid of turning the lights off when he goes to bed  but then he overcomes his fear.

Luyao (Loulou) Yan is a recent graduate (2020) Illustrator and Animator based in New York.

Master project for University Of Applied Sciences Hamburg, Germany. The artist wanted to show the small things of life that are always there and needed, but unnoticed.

Mihwa Kim is an Illustrator and Artist. Born in South Korea, currently living and working in Berlin, Germany.

How can you get a star? The artist has thought about how to get a star in countless ways. One way is to pick a star from a book. 

Qian Zhang is originally from China but now based in Savannah, USA.

This personal piece is focusing on using illustration with mono-print texture and digitally edited colours to show the pollution issue on our planet.

hao-hua is a Taiwanese illustrator currently based in Taiwan.

ODDITY is a portfolio piece for a MA in Illustration about the origins, purposes and applications of nonsense and comedy in illustration. Research shows that nonsense could foster openness and challenge established power structures for the reader.

Thomas Wolfe is based in Wales, where he lives with his family of monsters.

This project is reflecting imaginary stories of nursery children. The artworks were produced with digital painting. Collage techniques and shadow effects are mostly used to make work seem like a realistic quilt.

Wookyung Seo is a South Korea based illustrator studying at Hongik University.

The inspiration for this project comes from the artist’s lockdown experience and how we can find pleasure even from trivial things in our life routine.

Yumeno Furukawa is a Japanese illustrator and print-maker. She studied BA and MA in printmaking in Tokyo and completed MA in Children’s Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art.

If you enjoyed reading this curated list, why not explore the full WIA2021 Longlist for more inspiration!

3rd August 2021

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