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Here at the AOI we advise and support our members daily on anything relating to the business of illustration. We also proudly promote them on our social channels and our Folios.

Constantly amazed by their talent and creativity, we bring you another showcase which compiles a selection of striking projects created or released this month.

Some of these projects are commissioned with a specific aim, and others are self-directed to showcase and promote their skills. Some also reflect on many significant events from this month: a year since the pandemic hit, Black Lives Matter, women’s rights, and more.

We invite you to re-visit March visually, to discover new work, and to follow these illustrators online by clicking on their names.

Mark Brown

Mark creates a self-initiated project titled ‘Lockdown Dreams’, exploring and drawing 100 images based on isolation and the sub-conscious. These monochromatic illustrations are full of texture and symbolism, and the compositions are exquisite.

You can see the full series on his website.

See more of Mark’s work:

Portfolio | Instagram

Fay Troote

“Hospital by the Hill” (written by Chris Connaughton and illustrated by Fay Troote) was released to mark March 2021’s National Day of Reflection. Including a foreword written by Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, this book supports bereaved children and young people who lost loved ones to Covid-19 (and who can request a free copy directly here).

Fay Troote‘s illustrations play with collage, watercolour and 3D paper-scapes, bringing depth to a delicate subject.

See more of Fay’ work:
Portfolio | Instagram

Rohanne Thomson

Love Potion is a self-initiated project by Rohanne Thomson, for an imaginary promotional beer. The packaging features playful illustrations around the theme of love and togetherness, covering both the bottle and cap.

Rohanne expands: “I wanted to create something vibrant – a fun drink design that sparks joy. The hope for this project was to challenge myself and to create more of the type of projects that I want to be working on. Presenting my illustrations in this way has really helped me to visualise where my illustration style works best, and its adaptability.”

See more of Rohanne’s work:
Portfolio | Instagram

Tim King

Tim King challenged himself to document 2020 visually: digitally, traditionally, on paper, on envelopes, masks, and even on gloves!

“Using reportage illustration I captured the atmosphere, attitudes, and opinions of life as it happened. The 366 images are a unique record of pandemic life, recalling everything from our changing perceptions towards coronavirus as it developed, to panic buying, multiple lockdowns and major changes to every aspect of life.”

The series will now officially be compiled in a book, after a successful Kickstarted campaign with over 150 backers and £8000+ pledged. See more drawings and read more about the project here.

See more of Tim’s work:
Portfolio | Instagram

Bartosz Kosowski

Bartosz Kosowski has created two murals for Netflix’s “The Old Guard” launch campaign in his native Poland – 1 of 15 international artists who reimagines the characters and story with a “local” twist. Both murals are of an impressive scale: 21,2 x 16,5m (Wroclaw) and 20,5 x 13,5 m (Warsaw).

“Old Polish prints were my basis for the project. As a result, the Warsaw mural has its background inspired by the old woodcut depicting the Battle of Grunwald (one of the largest battles in medieval Europe), while the Wroclaw mural has another background inspired by my own interpretation of late 15th century etching of Wroclaw. When it comes to the colour choice, I wanted to keep it close to the original “Old Guard” covers, with their dark red and black and blue pallette.

You can see more images and read further about the project here.

See more of Bartosz’ work:
Portfolio | Instagram

Polina Belenchuk

Belenchuk shares her new series ‘I want to be safe in public’, in direct response to the news of Sarah Everard’s death, and the need for sexist behaviour to change.

“Sarah Everard’s tragedy is so scary because I know that in her place could’ve been any woman, including myself (…). I want to believe that one day this is going to change, our streets are going to be safe and women don’t have to be alert 24/7 in public when they are alone.”

See more of Belenchuk’s work:
Portfolio | Instagram

Ben the Illustrator

Ben The Illustrator worked with Leamington Spa-based gallery Snap Galleries, launching a collaborative project called ‘In My Room’. Customers can choose an illustrated scene (depicting a person at home listening to records) and customise it with their favourite albums, or their pet, and even include themselves as protagonists in Ben’s unmistakable visual style.

Read more about the project here. 

See more of Ben’ work:
Portfolio | Instagram

These projects are curated by the AOI team. If you are a member, you can send us your new projects or events here.

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9th April 2021

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