Bush Hollyhead

AOI are saddened to hear that illustrator and tutor Bush Hollyhead recently died. Bush was a successful, influential illustrator from the 1970s onwards.

On his blog, Mike Dempsey reports that Bush was part of Nicholas Thirkell Associates, along with George Hardie, Bob Lawrie and Malcolm Harrison, who produced ‘an astonishing array of work’ in the Seventies. The name was changed to NTA Studios when Thirkell left.

Bush also taught at a number of art colleges, including Brighton, Newcastle and Middlesex Polytechnic, where he worked alongside illustrator Conny Jude.

The Northern Irish band The Undertones were fans of his work and he was commissioned to do a number of their record sleeve designs.

The band shot on the back of the sleeve looks like it has a Bush backdrop.

13th November 2020

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