Très bien! We visit Central Vapeur and highlight 8 illustrators to admire

At the beginning of the year (pre – Covid) we visited Strasbourg to deliver a series of workshops alongside Central Vapeur. Alongside being members of the AOI, we’re proud to introduce Central Vapeur as new members of the European Illustrators Forum (EIF).

Central Vapeur are set up in the heart of Strasbourg (France). They are a likeminded illustration association run on a daily basis by a small core staff, supported by a team of passionate volunteers, including AOI member Peter Allen.

They promote illustration by organising events across the region Grand Est and offer support to its members across France through their service Central Vapeur Pro. Unlike the AOI which has a national and international remit, in France there are several associations each representing specific sectors within the graphic arts.

Central Vapeur is based in a venue called the co-op which also plays host to local small press 2024, and have strong ties with the local community and HEAR university. Central Vapeur run an annual illustration festival each year in the city, but sadly has had to postpone this year’s tenth anniversary of the festival.

We worked with the association for a few days as part of a 6-month series of workshops preparing recent graduates for their first meetings with publishers at Bologna Children’s Book Fair. We met some fantastic inspiring young illustrators who immediately impressed us with the quality, originality and humour in their work. Despite they’re not being able to attend this year’s Book Fair, here’s a quick recap of the talent we saw:

Samuel Bas

Minna Yu
 / @m_i_n_n_a_y_u

Mathias Martinez / @mathias___martinez

Leonie Koelsch

Emilie Clarke

Manon Debaye / @manon.debaye

Adele Prost / @adele.prost

Mona Leu Leu

17th June 2020

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