Animated Highlights from the World Illustration Awards 2020 Longlist


Our AOI Awards Team have put together a selection of animated illustration from across the WIA2020 Longlist. The Awards accept animation and gifs in every category, reflecting that art directors are looking for moving image media for everything from editorial to publishing.

As more content is digitised and life moves online, animated illustration really helps bring projects to life!

This selection showcases the range of moving image, from short and humourous gifs, to longer animated films.

Remember, if you would like to learn more click through to each page to see the full project, artist’s text and contact details! Be sure to give a follow on social to the illustrators you like.

Fred Campbell‘s large scale animation ‘The Grand Expedition’ was commissioned by Gingerline. Pen and ink illustrations were scanned, cut out, and then animated by Greenaway and Greenaway. The final film was projected for a theatrical screening.

Lin Chen‘s animation celebrates Chinese New Year of the Rat. Commissioned by NOWNESS it reflects the magazine’s focus on art, design and culture. The figures were given masks, a nod to the COVID-19 pandemic.

30 Days of Shoegazing is one of 30 animated gifs presented as part of Pei-Hsin Cho‘s graduation show in 2019, exploring how introversion and shyness are gifts, and embracing them is a skill to learn. This animation is the emblem the project, opening the sensitive doors of introversion and shyness to a public who, for some minutes, got closer to sense an emotional state that knows no definitions.

Jianan Liu‘s work was commissioned by IPPR magazine as cover & GIF for their media platform. The animation reflects the magazine’s balanced but progressive collection of essays on arts and culture and their relationship to politics and policy. The animation uses festival-like imagery, with a vibe of “Where ‘s Wally?”

Airin Kloavet‘s animation is a concept design for a craft beer label that ended up as a comic story with two funny beer drinkers as protagonists. It is an animated Gif that mixes comics art and motion graphics

Laurel Molly‘s series ‘Sold Out’ highlights the issue of gentrification, aiming to create awareness around the subject. This topic is relevant in cities all over the world, including where she live in Bristol. Touching on thought provoking stories using animation is an amazing way to create a message, as it grips the viewer in an original and emotive way.

Seoul-based illustrator Mareykrap‘s animations were used as the music video of the title song of a South Korean rapper, punchnello. Not only that, illustrations and hand drawn letters for the music video were also used for its album release party decorations, animated posters for the party, and the official merchandise.

Bangalore based illustrator Cdka‘s animation shows her baby-boomer grandma (Aaji in India) adapting and taking joy in the activities of the current generation, as a way to bridge the generation gap. The work was made as a portfolio piece using Procreate.

David Fleck‘s piece was hand-drawn with pencil initially, a cathartic and slow process capturing the detail and grain of the forest. The drawing was then scanned and layered with scanned watercolour washes and digital colouring in photoshop, adding texture and adjusting lighting with photoshop brushes. The simple GIF animation was brought together at the end in photoshop.

26th May 2020

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