Membership Fees

The AOI works hard to deliver value for money – a fantastic service for illustrators at an affordable price.

The Membership fees, and consultation fees will increase from 1 May 2020. This will not affect your current membership, but will mean that if you purchase from 1 May onwards, you will pay the new fee.

Membership Type


New 1 May 2020
Illustrator + Folio£210 (£17.50 p.m)£215 (£17.92 p.m)
Illustrator£170 (£14.17 p.m)£175 (£14.59p.m)
Student£78 (£6.50 p.m)

£58 (£4.84 p.m)

£80 (£6.67 p.m)

£60 (£5.00 p.m)



ConsultationCurrentNew 1 May 2020
Portfolio Consultation£30£35
Business Consultation£35£35

We recognise that any price increase is challenging, and we’ve worked hard to keep this as low as possible. Each year our costs increase, sometimes by RPI (the inflationary rate that is standardised), and sometimes more.

In addition to this we are always looking to improve our service. This year we have put money into a webinar programme, so that more content reaches more of you, wherever you are. We are starting a significant investment in Folios, ensuring it is industry relevant, and a great calling card for your work.

We have welcomed new staff to support the administration and finance teams. There aren’t many of us and people are often surprised by how much our small crack team can achieve.

We’d also love to work with you! If you’d like to get involved in arranging a local meet up I’d love to speak with you – Ben the Illustrator’s survey highlighted how people want to get to together for a chat. I hope we can see our brilliant meet up network extend even further in 2020.

I always welcome your thoughts and feedback on how we can make AOI stronger, more relevant to your needs, and to the changing industry. If you’d like to get in touch please don’t hesitate to email me.

Ren Renwick AOI CEO

6th March 2020

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