The American Society for Collective Rights Licensing

You may be eligable for payments for secondary rights for works published in US publications. The American Society for Collective Rights Licensing has funds to distribute for those whose work has been published in US publications

James Silverberg, ICEO of ASCRL, says “ASCRL is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization. ASCRL collects funds from foreign legal systems and distributes them to US illustrators and photographers and to foreign illustrators and photographers who have works published in US publications. The funds are for what foreign countries call “secondary rights.”

ASCRL has collected over $1,200,000 USD. It has done its first illustrator distributions, and over the next year will distribute most of this fund. Illustrators received two distributions in 2019, with most illustrators getting at least $400. Another illustrator distribution is scheduled before the end of 2019. ASCRL also has existing agreements under which it will collect more foreign funds in the future.

In order to qualify for a distribution, the illustrator or photographer must register three published works. Each work can be published either in a book, magazine, or commercial website. The author must give the name of the illustration or photograph. The creator must also give the ISBN, ISSN, or url where the work was published. The next distribution will be around 14 December.

Illustrators are required to join ASCRL and complete a form to claim your reprographic funds. Go here for FAQs

4th December 2019

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