EU Copyright Directive – vote due 27 March

The draft Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market is an important piece of European Union legislation designed to modernise copyright for the digital age. If passed, it will help ensure a much fairer deal for those working in the creative sector. It is now in its final stage, with the text of the Directive ready to be agreed.

‘Having finished trilogue talks on the EU Copyright Directive in February with a compromise text, the European institutions now have to adopt the proposal.

For the European Parliament, this is currently scheduled as a yes/no/abstain vote at their plenary session on 27 March. The text is then expected to come before the Council in mid-April.

The anti-Article 13 brigade remains very active. It is perhaps for journalists to analyse what is happening there and whois sponsoring which campaign, even indirectly.

Following adoption of the directive – which is by no means a given in view of the campaigns – it must then be published in the Official Journal of the European Union in May, triggering a 24-monthimplementation period.’

British Copyright Council member update from Florian Koempel, 15 March 2019

As campaigning against the directive continues, Creators for Europe has today published an open letter to the CEO of YouTube challenging the company’s use of the platform to influence public opinion and European legislation.

18th March 2019

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