New! Exclusive Non-Disclosure Agreement templates for Members

Ever had the need to need to disclose confidential information, e.g concept drawings, story-boards, ideas, to a potential client when negotiating a commission?

We are delighted to offer members two new Confidentality letters / Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s).  These are legal documents which prevents one, or both parties from disclosing confidential information. For example, if a large film company is developing a new blockbuster they won’t want any details made public and getting into the hands of their competitors.

We are aware that NDA’s from clients increasingly include clauses relating to rights – commonly sneaking copyright assingments into their ‘standard issue’ NDA’s. Rights are not related to NDAs, which are purely about confidentiality, and you should not be expected to agree to this. Any rights attached to the work should be detailed in a licence agreement, not a NDA.

Our template NDAs are just that – a simple agreement to ensure confidentiality. There are two versions available in the Members area of the website;

The One-way is where the illustrator is asking one party (the client) not to disclose confidential information.

The Two-way agreement is where both parties to the contract (the illustrator/agent and the Client) disclose confidential information to each other.

It’s worth noting that although in some situations NDAs may be required, often they are not appropriate for illustration commissions.

“…I would like one to hand when the situation in appropriate.” illustrator Michael Gambriel

3rd August 2018

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