Price It Right campaign

Price It Right is a campaign for the whole industry which the AOI launched in partnership with the European Illustrators Forum in March 2018.

The campaign encourages illustrators and commissioners to recognise the value of illustration and be confident in pricing and negotiating work.

Illustrator, Jill Calder, says, ‘I’ve learned over the years never to be rushed into making a pricing decision. Certainly don’t start quoting figures verbally, off the top of your head as soon as you’ve been contacted about a job. Do your research, get advice, compare with other jobs you’ve done and be sure to get as much information from your client about the potential job so you can quote more accurately – and tell them that.

If you present your quote confidently and clearly laid out, then it will be taken more seriously and more likely to be accepted.’

The AOI are delivering this campaign in partnership with the European Illustrators Forum (EIF). The EIF have 18 association members and speak on behalf of over 12,000 illustrators across Europe and the rest of the world.

For more on Price It Right and how you can get involved go to AOI Campaigning.

Artwork by Nishant Choksi

4th April 2018

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