“Beauty School Gave Me Brain Damage”


Love/Obsession? Girl punk, LGBT, pop-cultural icons, products, ceramics… Discover the delights of the wacky world of Seth Bogart in “Beauty School Gave Me Brain Damage” in Varoom’s ‘Love‘ issue

Photo by Suzy Poling

Obsession and love makes us do extraordinary things. Zoë Taylor explores Seth’s work, an explosively messy confection of punk, Pee-Wee Herman and products – anyone for ‘Manty Hose’?

Bogart’s work often revels in the details of branded packaging – the different kinds of lettering, product names and slogans that get used. In items such as the Condoms cotton pants or the Tampons T-shirt, he seems to parodically celebrate the sheer variety of designs and abundant consumer choice available for these intimate yet essential items. “I think aesthetically, I’ve always been drawn to packaging and products, combs and blow dryers, all that,” he told LA Weekly. “Beauty school gave me brain damage. And product obsession,” he tells Zoe, referring to his previous life as a hairdresser in Oakland.

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6th February 2018

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