Arrest All Mimics interviews Ken Garland


Ken Garland, one of the UK’s most revered graphic designers and creative minds of all time, is arguably best known for his ‘First Things First’ manifesto, published in 1964. Signed by many graphic designers and artists, the purpose of the manifesto was to highlight the out-of-control consumerist society and urge creative professionals to use their talents and free time to work towards more meaningful causes that would build a better society. Books, education, anti-war efforts and charity over advertising of commercial products.

Ben Tallon meets Ken to talk about his career, the manifesto, what it meant in the 1960s and what he thinks about the state of play today. Now in his mid-eighties, Ken is still very passionate about the creative industry and world issues and serves a great example of what a difference our talents can make if applied to the right causes.

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9th November 2016

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