12 Illustrators create limited edition notebooks in exciting collaboration

Illustrated notebooks by AOI Member Ben O'Brien (aka Ben the Illustrator)

Illustrated notebooks by AOI Member Ben O'Brien (aka Ben the Illustrator)

12 leading UK and international illustrators have joined forces with British notebook experts, Bookblock, in a limited series called Editions. The Bookblock Editions collection feature four unique designs from artists AOI Members Ben O’Brien, Marylou Faure and Claudine O’Sullivan alongside Supermundance, David Doran, Thomas Hedger and Kristen Boydstun.

AOI Member Claudine O'Sullivan

AOI Member Claudine O'Sullivan

The range showcases an array of colourful designs ranging from hand-drawn animal studies and watercolour landscapes to graphical geometric patterns and vector cityscapes. Each of the notebooks is created in the illustrators’ own distinctive style making them collectables for illustration fans and must-have accessories for stationery lovers on the hunt for something different.

“Bookblock and I share the same goal – we’re both looking to create the best products, combining quality and creativity. I’ve had an amazing time collaborating with Bookblock!” – AOI Member Marylou Faure

Notebook by AOI Member Marylou Faure

Illustrated notebook by AOI Member Marylou Faure

Since 2013, Bookblock has been busy perfecting every stage of the design and manufacture process by creating completely customised notebooks and journals for companies, brands, agencies and events. From printing the exact pantone to mastering the finishing touches, no detail is too small. Bookblock notebooks are crafted with one of the UK’s oldest bookbinders using traditional bookbinding and printing techniques.

The limited Bookblock Editions notebooks are available from £15 at

27th October 2016

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