T-Veg: The Tale of a Carrot Crunching Dinosaur – book review

Written by Smriti Prasadam-Halls, illustrated by Katherina Manolessou

Published by Frances Lincoln ISBN 978-1847806833

Review by Derek Brazell


With Manolessou’s delightful print illustrations, Prasadam-Halls’ story of Reginald the T Rex is an amusing book, following the vegetable loving dinosaur’s adventures as he seeks ‘better friends who’ll understand me more’. All his veg and fruit munching have his carnivore mates perplexed and they end up laughing him out of town for being different from them.


Manolessou certainly makes the fruit and veg look appetising, and with bright colours and lively movement her dinosaurs bounce across the artwork with verve and motion. A spread where Reginald runs towards some herbivores hoping to make friends is particularly effective, as they flee in horror to escape what they consider a scary predator.


Lessons are learned as Reginald proves his vegetable diet strength by saving the lives of some of his T-Rex friends who have come searching for him, realising they miss him at home. It certainly can’t be bad having a story which helps kids to see the strength in being themselves (whether vegetarians or not).

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