Migloo's Day – Book Review

By William Bee

Published by Walker Books ISBN 9781406339307

Review by Priya Bual


Migloo’s Day is a puzzling yet truly entertaining search and find book, designed for young children. William Bee has created a brand new series featuring ‘Migloo – everyone’s favourite dog’ and his adventure through Sunnytown, meeting all his friends in town and eventually saving the day!

The story follows Migloo going through town and being invited to accompany the school children to a surprise musical concert. Unfortunately, along the way the bus breaks down and Migloo could be the only one who can save the day. Along with this story line, Migloo gets lifts off his friends to different locations in town. The character William Bee holds up a ‘question time’ sign on each search and find page, instructing the reader to spot certain objects or people on the double page spreads. At the back of the book there is a ‘William Bee’s Busy Page’ where Bee has created more fun activities for the reader to discover throughout the book.

image2The illustrations throughout the book are bright and bold, with a soft and bubbly feel to the characters (from the round heads and block primary and secondary colours) that invites the reader in and encourages the book to be interactive. On the story pages, the pastel bubbles help the young readers to stay interested, while the pages are less cluttered than the search and find pages, the colours and characters help keep the flow of the book. The search and find pages are overflowing with colours, shapes and characters! There is so much information to the scene that Bee’s simple block colours and minimal detail to characters helps to keep your mind focused. Digitally created, Bee makes you feel you are a part of the book, searching in Sunnytown for ‘Red Squirrel’ or ‘Little White Owl’.

image-1Bee has created a search and find book that is overflowing in every creative possible way, there is drama, characters, colours, shapes and layers! However the illustrations are rather flat and there is no depth to the search and find pages, therefore the search is challenging and eye watering at times. I found trying to read this book with younger children difficult, as once the search becomes hard the attention goes and it is only you left trying to search for a ‘tiny mouse’ in a maze. Migloo’s Day is a perfect read for children who are travelling or on holiday and need to be entertained over a long period of time and have no other distractions around!


With over 70 different characters to meet, Migloo’s Day will become a much loved series, gripping children and parents for hours!

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