Payback 2015: £4 million of royalties for visual artists

DACS has launched the Payback 2015 campaign that distributes £4 million in royalties to artists, illustrators or photographers that have had their work published in books, magazines or on TV.

DACS has successfully run the Payback scheme for over 15 years and from 6 July until 30 September 2015 visual artists can again apply for their share in royalties via

This year’s campaign follows a legal dispute with the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA), that if not resolved would have prevented DACS from being able to distribute the majority of Payback royalties to artists. DACS was able to negotiate a temporary settlement and secured valuable income for its Payback Members through ongoing lobbying and insistence on mediation.

Payback royalties come from the re-use of published artwork, such as the photocopying and scanning of work in books and magazines, or the recording or re-broadcasting of work in TV programmes.

13th July 2015

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