Veronique Joffre

Illustration – People and Plants 

How did you first discover illustration?

Like everybody I guess, when I was kid, in my children’s books. I was fascinated by the power of the illustrations; I especially used to love the pictures books, with very few words, where you can imagine your own stories through the illustrations! Many years after, I realized that this magic could be a profession, so I’ve orientated my studies in that very precise direction.

Illustration – Hampstead Pond – Shortlisted For The Prize For Illustration 2015


The London Transport Museum exhibition ‘London Spaces and Places’ has just gone on public view, you were shortlisted for this exhibition among 100 illustrators how did your idea for your image come about?

I chose to make an illustration about Hampstead Heath, and Hampstead ponds, because not only it’s definitely one of my favorite places in London, but also because I wanted to create something very vegetal, very green and poetic. This place is such an amazing and so inspiring space, nature in the Heath is everywhere. Once you’re immersed, you forget you’re in the heart of London, only the distant skyline is a reminder of the city.

You take hands on approach to your work with Collage being one of the mediums you use, what appeals to you about this way of working?

Cut outs and collage are indeed my main technique, the one I feel the most comfortable with, and with which things come in the most natural and instinctive way. This medium allows me to play with shapes, with colors, to find inspiration, to be surprised by some associations, and to draw with my scissors by cutting from colors and textures. I really love the relation with papers, I really need it to create, colors and textures inspire me, they lead me.

Illustration – Factory 

What’s the most important thing you have learnt about your career in the time you have been a professional Illustrator?

Lots of things to be honest. But maybe two most important things: first one, enjoy when you’re creating, play as much as you can, I think the secret of a good illustration no matter the medium used is the joy and pleasure you had creating it. This is hard sometimes, but when you create this way, the fun you have while doing it will touch and stimulate the reader’s attention and own sensibility. Enjoyment is contagious!

The second one is to make readable pictures, to find a way whether it’s very figurative or more abstract, whether it be for children or grow-ups, to be understandable by the audience, because without the audience connection, without recipient, your picture is useless, hard but true.   

Illustration – Football

How do you go about promoting your work?

Oh, shame on me this is my weak point. I’m not really good at that ! Well, luckily I’m represented by an agent (Colagene), a part from that I have a blog where I post things very regularly but now I really have to create a proper website, this is one of my goals before the end of the year.

What’s next for you?

I’m currently working on a new children’s book that will be released in October by the great Canadian publisher Comme des Géants, I’m very excited about it. I’d also really like to find a publisher here in UK, as all my books so far are published by French publishers.

5th June 2015

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