Dutch Public Lending Right Scheme

In the Netherlands, public libraries pay a royalty to the Lending Right Foundation for books that they lend out. Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS) Dutch sister society Pictoright distributes a share of these royalties to visual artists who are eligible for the scheme.

DACS has received a share of these royalties from Pictoright to distribute to all types of eligible UK visual artists – including fine artists, illustrators and photographers.

To claim your share of the royalties, your work must have been published in a UK book which has been translated into Dutch and published in the Netherlands.

What you can’t claim for:

Books published in the Netherlands only

Books lent through UK public libraries. The UK Public Lending Right scheme is administered separately by PLR UK.

How to apply: Complete the Dutch PLR claim form and return it to DACS with your Payback claim form or no later than TBC. The Payback Terms and Conditions apply.

Download a Dutch PLR claim Form

DACS will be distributing these royalties to eligible applicants in spring 2015, following their Payback royalty distribution at the end of 2014.

16th October 2014

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