Varoom 22 Experiment


The summer issue of Varoom – Experiment – is packed with great content (as always), looking at the many different approaches experimentation can take. Cover artwork is by Stuart Kolakovic.


In “Seven Thoughts on the Cult of the Sketchbook” Jane Stanton writes that the point of the sketchbook is it gives you permission not to come to conclusions. In “The New Wave Sci-Vi”, Bryony Quinn argues the power of the new scientific imagery is as a medium greater understanding – rather than understanding’s final destination. 


Marian Bantjes’ turns the sterility of the scientific experiment into an object of beauty, while Laurie Britton-Newell and Ligaya Salazar reflect on Memory Palace, the new V&A illustration exhibition that’s a Walk-In Book, “What does it mean to ‘read’ a story? How far can you push the format and still call something a book?” Even the old-time wonders of Alchemy get a look in. We wanted to write something conclusive about experiment, but creative experiment means no conclusions.


Varoom 22 – the illustration report is avaiable from good bookshops and at the AOI online shop as a single copy or as part of a subscription.

The 11 June launch of Varoom 22 at Foyle’s Bookshop featured distinguished panellists from three very different areas of the industry discussing their encounters with experimental image making. From left, onedotzero CEO and Creative Director Shane Walter, V&A Curators Laurie Britton and Ligaya Salazar and illustrator Katie Scott.


The evening was a great success, covering many of the themes in Varoom 22 Experiment, and left the capacity audience buzzing.


The event will soon be available from the Varoom website as a podcast.

13th June 2013

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