Five Things We Learned At The LCC Show

By John O’Reilly


1. Forget Soul. The Committed Creative Has To Put Guts Into It. 


Anatomical Disgorge, Daniel Ferst


Sometimes putting your guts into your art, also means spilling them out on the floor.  Keep some Rennie handy D*DREG! (aka Daniel Ferst)



2. The Creative Law Is Cruel


Alex May Hughes


Alex May Hughes plays with ideas from H.G.Wells’ The Island of Dr Moreau, “emulating the typographic style of Victorian glass and gold paintwork.”


Click Alex May Hughes


3. Designers Aren’t Made Tidy, They Are Tidy.


Jay Jung Hyun



The new cult of Information Design can be too worthy, too utilitarian, too keen to be “socially useful.” Jay Jung Hyun on the other hand creates an autobiography through information design. “I encapsulate my 5 years through the belongings in my room. Based on my memory, receipts and any written evidence, I tracked down where and when each item is from.” Mad, obsessive and organised, we love the story of Hyun’s life told data and pictures. Neat.


Jay Jung Hyun


Jay Jung Hyun


Jay Jung Hyun


4. Faces Are Meteorology


Loved and Labored, Shoey Nam


We liked the drama of Shoey Nam’s portraits of famous writers hanging over the room, like icons from a totalitarian 1950s state, each portrait a changing layer of time. We also liked the lines, the high and low-pressure areas, the facial cyclones, the portrait as a changing map of moods and emotion.


Loved and Labored: Kurt Vonnegut. Shoey Nam


Click for more Shoey Nam 


5. An Illustration Is Whatever An Illustrator Does


Still from Dream of Birth. Sylvie Shiwei Barbier


Every illustrator invents themselves, gives birth to their own vision by doing it, by illustrating. In Varoom issue 17 we argued that the question “What is Illustration?” is not a productive question we can learn from, that can help illustrators’ work, think, create. It’s an abstract question, it’s a question for lawyers who are interested in drawing lines, or managers assigning responsibilities. Our soul was soothed by the postcard booklet of students’ work, as we opened it up, it told us, “An Illustration is whatever an illustrator does,” including  proposing such a tightly drawn and endlessly probing idea.  Which is what an illustrator does.


Dream of Birth Sylvie Shiwei Barbier

For more Sylvie Shiwei Barbier

4th July 2012

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