Ink Tank


Ink Tank coming soon

The Varoom Ink Tank was a body consisting of illustration and design students from participating Varoom Lab members. It concluded in 2015. What defines Ink Tank for contributors and readers, users of Ink tank is that it is an experiment in exploring: the edges/limits of illustration through making images methods and practices of visual research […]


Interpretation: The Redheaded Man

The Redheaded Man is an accelerating journey downhill, where the main character is removed from all his features, until there is nothing left of him – or the story. Written by Soviet absurdist Danil Kharms, Minna Alanko’s study breaks down the tale into three visual/creative entrypoint elements to the story. The piece is a rich, methodical […]


Authoriality, Copies, and Image-Makers in the Age of 3D Reproduction

Continuing the Obsession theme of Varoom 25, Pablo Soler-Jones examines our changing relationship with the image in the digital age, in a review of the paperback release of Double: Storefront for Art and Architecture Manifesto Series 2. Designed by Pentagram, featuring a variety of different thinkers and artists discussing Architecture, Images and notions of Authorialism, […]